• Grind heera kasis vilayti, aloe veera, asafoetida toasted with ghee, pure hingul, puffed borax and salt each 12 grams with water properly. Make tablets of half gram with this preparation. These tablets should be taken with hot water in the morning and evening. Take these tablets before 3-4 days of menses and keep on taking while menses. The woman should foment her loin and abdomen with hot brick or bottle in which hot water has been filled. The woman should sit the tub in this way so that her naval may sink into it. Gram toasted with ghee or juice of cowpea, hot water, millet, wheat, brinjal, peahen, date palms, tea and currant prove beneficial for the patient.  
  • If a woman suffers too much excretion during menses or she suffers from too much pain during this period, she should take a pinch of 3 grams liquorice powder, 2 grams maei, one-gram pure extract of indian berberin and one gram catechu and drink rice water after taking it on the fourth day after starting menses.  To get rid of such kinds of problem, the woman should take 120-240 grams naagbhasam with butter in the morning and evening. This proves very beneficial. If the woman gets no benefit from these simple formulae, she should consult to a good doctor.  
  • If a woman suffers from scanty menses due to the lack of blood in the body, mental shock or weakness, she should take nutritive meal and all the things, which provide strength to the body. Use of Indian gooseberry compote, iron ash, ash of mica, ash of silver and phalaghrat proves very beneficial.
  • If there is no menstrual excretion, mix 12 grams saffron and 25 grams powder of colocynth’s root in the first formula. Prepare tablet with this paste and take for forty days regularly. Menstrual excretion starts by taking this medicine.


  • These tablets create constipation but the woman should not fear while taking this medicine.

Menopause in old women:-

Often, menstrual excretion becomes irregular in the age group of 40-50 gradually. Sometimes, there is no menses for 2-3 months and sometimes, menstrual excretion comes twice a month. If such kind of condition happens with a woman, she suffers from mental shock because she thinks that now her womanhood has ended. She becomes irritate and shows anger on tiny things. The woman should consider that it is common. There will be no deduction in her attraction and sexual pleasure due to this cause.