Menispermum is the great remedy in the cases of migraine, restlessness, watching dreams, pain of the back bone, dryness along with itching in the entire body, mouth dryness and throat dryness. It provides complete relief from above symptoms.    

Useful in various symptoms: 

Head-related symptoms:

Menispermum is used in the cases of giddiness with feeling of sounds as if the bells are ringing in the ears, yawning, stretching, back pain to downwards, tongue swelling, excessive saliva from the mouth and sometimes, headache with vomiting, the effect of this pain moves to the rear of the head. It provides complete relief from above symptoms. 

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

Menispermum should be used in the cases of pain of the back, elbows, shoulders, thighs and legs with feeling as if the legs have crushed by something. It provides quick relief from all types of pain.


Some properties of Bryonia and Cocculus can be compared with Menispermum.


3rd potency or mother tincture, 3x, 6x potency of Menispermum should be used for curing diseases.