Treatment with the help of acupressure :


The covering layer of the brain is called ménages and the infection occurring in the spinal cord is called meningitis.

Brain and its diseases-

The brain found in human body is the most capable creation of this world that is the divine gift given by the God. There are 8 types of functional glands found in human body that produce hormones. The human body and brain grow by these hormones. Actually, with the help of these hormones only, the human brain remains balanced and he becomes able to do all his works properly.  

Thinking various types of unnecessary thoughts invites mental diseases. When impure or unnecessary thoughts originate in the brain, first of all the production of hormones is disturbed as a result of it, the entire functions of the body is disturbed and various types of diseases starts occurring in the body. Only hormonal unbalances invite different types of diseases. So, for avoiding skin diseases, mental disorders, stomach diseases, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases, it is necessary to keep hormonal balances (nourishing the body) as under control. 

The brain can be divided in to 3 parts-

All these three parts are divided in to different sub parts. The front part of the brain is considered as the most important part.

The front part is further divided into two parts-

Cerebellum is divided in four parts-

  • Frontal lobe (sulcus).
  • Lateral sulcus.
  • Hind lobe.
  • Round lobe.

Frontal lobe-

It is responsible for the behavior, controlling of the body and personality development.

Lateral sulcus-

It controls the human body according the environment and helps in surviving according to the environment.

Hind lobe-

This part is located in the rear of the brain and controls the internal part of the brain and responsible for vision.

Round lobe-

This part is located below the brain and responsible for taste and smell.

If any types of disturbance take place in these parts, various types of diseases are occurred like- infection, obstruction in blood circulation, defects in many body organs and diseases related to the brain and nervous systems.

Many other diseases related to the brain and nervous systems are also occurred like-

  • Paralysis.
  • Fits.
  • Nayopathy.
  • Polio.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Muscular dystrophy.

In additions to them, one more disease is also found, which is called meningitis. This disease is very dangerous. Due to this disease, the condition of many patients is also become like a mad. There are several reasons of this disease found.


The brain and spinal cord remain covered with three layers of a tissue called ménages. Among these three layers, the two internal layers are made up of cerebrospinal fluid (C.S.F.). These fluids protect the brain and spinal cord. These fluids provide also lubricants with protection. When a type of bacteria is entered in C.S.F. through blood vessels, meningitis is occurred and ménages are swelled up and starts pressing the brain and spinal cord.

This type of disease is spread from one person to another by the means of air. Besides it, this disease is also occurred due to many other diseases like- scrofula, measles or glandular fever. In this way, we can say that meningitis is a normal disease.

 Actually, the meningitis caused by bacteria occurs less. It is also occurred due to entering bacteria in the brain by the means of blood pumped by the lungs. The bacteria can be reached in the brain due to infected ear, sinus and fractured skull bones, but sometimes there are no such reasons found and this disease is occurred.


In this disease, mostly symptoms like flu are found in the patient with the symptoms like- violent pain in the head, stiffness in the neck, and troubles by bright light. This disease becomes too aggravated when he feels violent pain in his head. Besides these symptoms, other symptoms are also found in the patient like- circular spots on the body.

The brain found in human body is the most capable creation of this world that is the divine gift given by the God. There are 8 types of functional glands found in human body that produce hormones. The human body and brain grow by these hormones. Treatment-

No any drug is discovered till present for the treatment of viral meningitis. In most of the cases, the natural resistance power of the body fights against infection and the patient starts becoming normal within 2-3 weeks.

In many cases, this disease can be dangerous and if it is not treated on time, the condition of the patient becomes more serious. Well, most of the patient recovers his health completely, but in few cases, the patient’s brain is affected badly or he becomes deaf or blind. This disease should be treated only with

the guidance of an expert doctor. This disease can be also treated by acupressure treatment system successfully.

By giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure, the patient gets benefits. Pressure should be given with the help of thumbs’ tips. If we have to give extra pressure, it can be done by placing index finger on the nail of middle finger. This pressure should be given 1-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes to an adult. Even after curing disease completely, this pressure can be continued also for 2-3 days.