Melilotus alba



Melilotus Alba is used for curing frequent epistaxis, intensive headache and excessive bleeding from the nose.

Melilotas Alba is used for curing many types of diseases like- headache, stomach stiffness, unconsciousness and epistaxis. It also provides relief from stomach pain.

Useful in various symptoms: 

Head related symptoms:

Melilotus Alba is the great remedy for curing headache along with epistaxis.

Face related symptoms:

Melilotus Alba should be used for checking problems of facial redness and bleeding from the throat artery, these symptoms are suppressed by nose bleeding.

Typhoid related symptoms:

The patient of typhoid suffers from nose bleeding, frequent bleeding from the nose, bleeding from the nose at least three times in 24 hours and troubling caused excessive bleeding. The patient suffers from diphtheria caused by above symptoms and dripping blood from the nostrils as bright drops. These symptoms can be cured by taking Melilotus Alba.   

Pneumonia related symptoms:

Melilotas Alba is very useful medicine for curing pneumonia along with facial redness and frequent bleeding from the nose. 

Symptom related to the external organs of the body:

Melilotas Alba is used in the cases of facial redness with the feeling of facial warmth, headache along with facial glow, temples-inflammation with headache, unconsciousness, bleeding from any part of the body, congestion in any organs of the body, intensive pain in the head with feeling as if head is about to burst, troubling while bowel movement, anus pain, hindering in flushing, menorrhagia along with pain during menstrual excretion, giddiness due to walking fast and feeling of brain dullness while remembering. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.


These symptoms aggravate by changing weather suddenly, growing towards youth and in rainy season before the storm.


These symptoms ameliorate by walking, bleeding while menstruations, changing situation, living in open air and urination properly.


Some properties of Belladonna, Baptisia, Ferrum, Phem-pho, Lachesis, Natrum-Muriaticum, Opi, Sangu, Sulphur, Amela-Na, etc. can be compared with Melilotus Alba.


6th potency of Melilotus Alba should be used for curing diseases.