Melancholia or depression



The patient suffering from melancholia remains careless about his social and daily responsible and by which, lack of appetite (anorexia) starts to occur. As the result of it, his life style is changed; mental and emotional pressure start to occur.


  1. Depression occurs due to bad effects of several types of drugs.
  2. This disease can also occur due to any type of infectious diseases like- flue, typhoid, T.B., aids, etc.
  3. Depression occurs due to disordering of hormones generating by any type of changing in the internal secretion glands.
  4. This disease can occur due to any type of sudden accident.


        The depressed patient becomes disappointed and sad. He starts to feel himself as useless and hopeless. He starts to feel guilty. He feels irritation, nervousness and excitement; likes to weep loudly; having no interest in doing daily activities; he lost his thinking power and concentration; is not able to sleep properly; the weight of the body starts to decrease and increase; the body strength is also lost; gets tiredness after doing any work; idea of committing suicide goes on appearing in his mind. 

What should we do or not in the case of melancholia:-

  1. The patient should consult an expert doctor and treat his disease.
  2. He should not take any drugs by himself without confirmation to cure melancholia.
  3. Practicing yoga, meditation and taking exercise daily in the morning and evening is very effective.
  4. Pronounce such words that give peace like- Om.. Om... or chanting other words for remembering the God.
  5. The patient should take maximum exercise.
  6. When symptoms of disease occur, sit quietly with closing his eyes.
  7. Take fresh fruits, vitamin B complex, carbohydrate and Selenium, etc.
  8. Engaged himself in any job. It will help to cure this disease.
  9. Do any appropriate mental work for engaging his mind.
  10. Always take nutritive and balanced diet.
  11. To cure this disease, first of all find out the reasons responsible for it and then treat.
  12. Tell your problems to your relatives and friends.

Treatment of this disease with different drugs:-

1. Actaea Racemosa-

  • Actaea Racemos is an important drug to cure woman disease. Woman patient feels as if she has encircled from black cloud; she has depression; dreams as if any calamity to come; she becomes nervous with depression; feels restlessness; sleeplessness; feels much anxiety; darkness comes in his life; having desire to commit suicide, etc. thus, using Actaea Racemosa 3 is beneficial to cure disease of the patient.
  • Menstrual secretion of depressed woman is suppressed; pain occurs in the ovary during menstrual secretion or before it; menses become irregular (abnormal.); spots appear on the face of young woman. Thus, this drug should be used to cure such women.

2. Ignatia:-

  • For the treatment of the initial stage of depression, Ignatia 200 should be used.
  • If depression has occurred due to anxiety, shock, hopeless or fear, this drug is very useful to cure such symptoms of the disease.
  • If depression has occurred due to menstrual secretion in women, using Ignatia is beneficial for the treatment of this disease.

3. Veretrum Album- If sadness occurs much with depression; patient goes on sitting and feels as if he can able to see the incident happening his surroundings; his vital power starts to end; cold sweat comes out on the skin and on the forehead. He imagines that he is in dangerous position. Thus, for the treatment of such symptoms, using Veretrum Album 30 is beneficial.

4. Opium- The depression patient becomes nervous with drowsiness and constipation; remains sad. Thus, using Opium 30 or 200 is very effective to cure disease of such patient.

5. Calcarea Carb- The depressed patient remains much hopeless; he feels as if his mind will become out of order; he becomes irritate by thinking as that whether his mind is left. Thus, using Calcarea Carb 200 is beneficial for the treatment of such types of symptoms.

6. Arum mur- The depressed patient starts to hate with his own life; he starts trying to commit suicide in anger; he goes on weeping. Thus, using Arum mur 3x at an interval of every 4-4 hours is beneficial to cure the symptoms of the patient.

7. Plumbum- If patient has problem of constipation with depression, Plumbum 3 or 30 should be taken for his treatment. Following symptoms should be also considered as- stools becomes black, solid and like lumps; he feels as if stool goes on thickening instead of coming out.  

8. Sulphur- If the depressed patient has much worry about religious or philosophical matter; reproach himself; careless about cleanliness of his body and the symptoms of his disease are aggravating due to the heat of the bed, etc., for the treatment of such patient, using Sulphur 30 is beneficial.

9. Platina:-

  • Platina is an important drug to cure the diseases of fair sexes. Many organs of the body of depression patient become insensitive, fall cold. This disease occurs due to suppressed menses. Thus, using Platina 6x or 30 is appropriate for the treatment of such patient.
  • If mental disease occurs after disappearing of physical disease in woman, Platina should be used for its treatment.
  • If depression occurs in a woman after delivery, using Platina is very effective to cure symptoms of disease.
  • If a depressed woman is suffering from other symptoms as- consider herself as a great and others are small, Platina 6x or 30 should be used for the treatment of such woman. 

10. Arsenic- If depression and restlessness occur with mental disturbance and physical disease and having a desire to commit suicide, Arsenic 30 can be used for his symptoms.