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  Megim is a creeper of white or blue flower, which is known by the names of Vishnukanta, Gokarni, etc.Introduction:

       Megim is a creeper of white or blue flower, which is known by the names of Vishnukanta, Gokarni, etc. It is planted in parks and gardens. Its pods and flowers grow in the rainy season.  

Name in different languages:

English               -         Megim

Hindi                  -         Koil, Aprajita

Sanskrit              -         Aasfota, Giri-Vishnukranta,

                                    Girikarnee, Ashvkhura, Aadikarnee Aprajita

Bengali               -         Aprajita

Marathi               -         Gokarnee, Kajali, Nakarnee,

                                    Kaali, Pagli Supli

Gujarati               -        Choli Garnee, Kali Garnee

Telugu                 -        Neelgatuna Diten

Dravidian            -         Karappuka, Kattan vire

Arabic                -         Mazri, Yoon

Parsian               -         Ashkhees

Latin                   -         Cleetoria Ternetia

Outer Structure:

       There are two kinds of megim according to the flowers as white and blue. Blue megim also has two kinds: First has single flower and second has double flowers. Its leaves are normally small and round in shape. A branch, which grows on megim tree, has three to four leaves in bunches either sides and last top has only one leaf. Long and flat pods like pea pods are present on it.  


       Both the types of megim are spicy and useful for the stomach. It makes the throat clean and is useful for the eyes. It increases brain and memory powder. It is useful for the treatment of leprosy, urinary diseases, diarrhoea and swelling. It also alleviates poison.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Headache: Dripping 8-10 drops juice of pods or root of megim in the nostril on empty stomach in the morning is useful to end headache. Its root can be tied on the ear to end headache.

2. Migraine (Pain in half head):

  • Dripping 4 drops juice of megim seeds in the nostril is useful to cure migraine.
  • Megim seeds are cool and alleviate poison. Grind equal quantity of root and seeds of megim with water and thereafter drip it in the nostril. It is useful to cure migraine.
  • Migraine is cured by smelling juice of white megim root.

3. Whooping Cough: Give little quantity of syrup of merging root to children to lick to cure cough and whooping cough.

4. Scrofula (Ghengha): Take 1-2 grams powder of white megim root with ghee or rub powder of bitter fruit in throat to cure scrofula.

5. Throat irritation: Boil ten grams megim leaves with 500 grams ml until it remains half quantity then put it down. Gargling with this decoction twice a day provides relief in tonsillitis, throat wound and throat irritation.

6. Jaundice:

  • In case of jaundice, dropsy and rickets, give about half gram fine powder of toasted megim seeds to the patient with lukewarm twice a day to cure jaundice, dropsy and Dibba (Surfeited) of children.
  • The person, who suffers from jaundice, should take 3-6 grams powder of megim root with whey because it is useful to cure jaundice.

7. Children stomachache: If any child suffers from surfeited or rickets, 1-2 pieces of toasted seeds of Megim should be given to it with cow milk or ghee because, it provides relief in surfeited or rickets.

8. Anuria-dysuria: Using powder of dried root of megim cures rheumatism, anuria-dysuria and bladder inflammation. This powder should be taken in 1-2 grams quantity with lukewarm water or milk twice or thrice a day provides.

9. Spleen enlargement: Megim root is very purgative. Giving its root to the patient with other purgative medicine things and urine increasing medicines is useful to cure dropsy and spleen enlargement. It also cures bladder inflammation.

10. Testicles enlargement: Apply heat and ground seeds of megim on the testicles to reduce testicles swelling.

11. Conceive: Grind about five grams bark or leaves of white megim with goat milk and thereafter filter it. Mix honey in this preparation and make the woman drink, it helps to stop abortion. Consequently, patient does not feel pain.

12. Delivery pain: Wrap megim creeper on the women waist. It helps in delivery and provides relief in pain soon.

13. Gonorrhoea

  • Grind 3-6 grams megim root, 1-5 grams cubebs and one piece of black pepper with water and thereafter filter it. The patient should take this preparation in the morning for 7 days regularly or keep the penis in this mixture. It provides quick relief in the Gonorrhoea.
  • Grind five grams megim root with rice water (wash the rice with water) and filter it. After that, give this preparation to the patient to drink twice a day for some days regularly. Consequently, bladder stone comes out with urine after breaking.

14. Fever: Wrap the root of megim with six red cotton yarns and thereafter tie it on the woman waist, it reduces relapsing fever (the fever which comes after every three days).

15. White Leprosy: Grind twenty grams megim root and one gram root of Chakmard with water and thereafter coat it on the affected part; it provides relief in white leprosy and face acnes. Along with, fry megim seeds with ghee and give it to the patient with water twice a day regularly; it provides relief in white leprosy within one and half to two months. Grind ash of megim root with butter and coat it on affected parts, it ends face marks.

16. Elephantiasis: Grind 10-20 grams megim root with some water and make light hot. Coat this paste on the affected part and foment on the affected part with poultice of 8-10 leaves. Using this process provides relief quickly in elephantiasis and geuniaworms.

17. Sore or wound: The paste, which is made form 10-20 megim leaves, should be applied on painful wounds of palm or fingers and after that tied a bandage on the same part. Thereafter, spray cold water on it. Using this process provides much relief to the patient.  

18. Boil or Ulcer: Grind 10-20 grams megim root with vinegar and coat it on the affected part, it suppresses the ulcer.

19. Cough:

  • Make the powder by grinding toasted seeds of megim and mix 60 to 120 mg jaggery and some rock black in it. After that, take this mixture to get relief in cough and breathing problems. It also brings out phlegm with loose-motions because of that patient feels relief.
  • If any child suffers from phlegm disorders, grind megim root with water and give to it in half to one spoon quantity thrice a day. Using this process provides relief in phlegm disorders. 

20. Urinary problems: The person, who suffers from urinary problems, should take megim infusion twice a day is useful to end bladder swelling. 

21. Inflammation and swelling of the ears: If veins pulsation are increased due to swelling around the ears, grind megim root with rock salt and apply it on the affected part, it provides relief quickly.

22. Liver disorders: Make the fine powder by grinding toasted seeds of megim and store it. After that, take three grams this powder with lukewarm water twice a day to reduce enlargement of the liver.

23. Dropsy:

  • Grind 1.5 to 3 grams bark of megim root with water and give it to the patient to drink, it clears the stomach.
  • Grind equal quantity of megim root, convolvulus pluricaulis, tuskey root and indigo root together. Grind six grams this mixture with water and after that mix it with 40 ml cow urine. Dropsy is cured by taking this mixture.

24. Skin diseases: All the types of skin diseases are cured by taking infusion megim leaves twice a day.

25. Sweat foul smell: Ten grams juice of megim leaves should be taken with ginger juice to stop excessive sweat. It is very useful experiment to prevent sweat.