Medusa is used for curing swelling of the mouth, nose, ears, lips and in the upper and lower portions of the eyes. 

If milk is not producing in the breasts before delivery, Medusa should be given to the suffered woman. It produces breasts milk. 

Useful in various symptoms: 

Skin-related symptoms:

Medusa is the great remedy for curing numbness and burning sensation in many parts of the body, inflammation with warmth, skin blisters, pemphigas and swelling of the face, arms and shoulders.

Gynecology related symptoms:

Medusa should be used for curing problems of the breasts glands, which belong to milk. 


Some properties of Phigalia, Artica, Pyrarara, Homarus, Sepia, etc. can be compared with Medusa.


6th potency of Medusa should be used for curing diseases.