The child suffers from sneezing, running nose, eye redness in the eyes, dry cough and origin of constant sound of khas-khas. The child keeps on coughing. Introduction:

           Measles is a contagious disease, which spreads one child to another rapidly. A virus has been considered the cause of this disease, which spreads one person to another through the process of respiration.

Name in different languages:

English       -        Measles

Hindi          -         Khasra                  

Malayalam -        Pogal mannal

Marathi      -        Gobar

Bengali      -        Hum                       

Oriya         -         Milimila

Gujrati       -         Odi kahsra             

Tamil         -         Manlavari

Kannada    -        Thottae, Dadrad     

Telugu       -         Chinnamavaru

Asam         -        Lutiaei                                                  

Symptoms: The child suffers from sneezing, running nose, eye redness in the eyes, dry cough and origin of constant sound of khas-khas. The child keeps on coughing. The temperature of the patient reaches to 103-104 degree Celsius in this disease. Red eruptions appear on the face and chest on the third day of fever. As poxes disappear as fever and cough also reduce simultaneously. Sometimes, the patient suffers from Pneumonia in this disease. Other children should remain far from the measles affected child. 


         The disease named measles occurs due to the infection of minor viruses. Its viruses attack on the mucus membrane of the child’s throat and nose. Healthy children also become the victim of this disease if they talk to the affected child. Its viruses spread in the atmosphere when the affected child coughs and sneezes and these viruses take other children in their grasp. If there is one affected child in home, other children become the victim of this disease. Measles spreads in the form of infection. There is a big possibility of this disease in winter season. Measles eruptions appear on the body within 6-10 days after the infection of measles viruses. Measles viruses attack soon of a catarrh and cold affected child. First, the patient suffers from fever, and thereafter, red small eruptions appear on the different organs of the patient’s body. The patient suffers from running nose, throat’s pain and he feels a lot of pain while coughing and his body trembles due to clod in this disease. Some children suffer from urticaria (chhapaki) also.

Meal and abstinence:

Use: Hang a neem’s branch at the gate of the house and give dry grapes and sisymbrium iro to eat to the child.

Avoid: Vegetables should not be fried in oil or ghee. Cold natured type eatable foodstuffs should not be given to the child to eat.

Precautions: Precautions are more necessary for the affected child than the medicines in this disease. Avoiding from cold is very necessary in winter because pneumonia caused of cold air may be dangerous for the life of the child. Full relief is very necessary in this disease for the affected child. The child becomes too weak to suck the breast. The possibility of measles is very less if its injection is inoculated after 6 months of birth. Injection should not be inoculated to the affected child if the child has been suffering from measles.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Badi mai:   The smoke of badi mai relives in this disease.

2. Safflower: The poison of measles comes out soon if the decoction of safflower’s dried flowers is given to the affected child twice a day.

3. Wild turmeric: The poison of measles comes out soon if 1-2 grams wild turmeric is given to the child to eat twice a day. The patient recovers health soon. Dissolve it into water and apply this paste on the body.

4. Honey: The poison of measles is end if 1\4 gram saffron is given to the affected child with honey or coconut water. The patient gets relief soon in this disease.

5. Gall stone: Measles is cured by the use of gallstone (dabh) with coconut water twice a day.

6. Cus cus: Measles inflammation reduces and patient gets relief if ground root of cus cus is applied on the small eruptions of measles.

Oldenanldia carymbosa: Decoction of oldenenldia carymbosa should be given to the patient of measles to drink twice a day. Oldenenldia carymbosa is a very good medicine for the treatment of measles. This disease is known by the name of mata romantika also.

7. Clove:

  • Eat ground cloves with honey twice a day; it is useful for the treatment of measles. This medicine should be taken when all eruptions of measles may appear fully.
  • he child feels great thirst in this disease and he vomits because of drinking water. In such situation put 3-4 cloves into boiling water. Filter this water and give to the child in little quantity to drink. Give water for drinking many times. Excessive thirst ends by this medicine.
  • Measles disappear if two ground cloves are given to the patient to eat with honey.

8. Malabar nut: Grind pad, trichosanthes diocia, helle bore, red sandal, white sandal, cus cus, indian goose berry, Malabar nut, persian manna plant properly and prepare three packets from this powder. Soak one packet in 250 ml water and boil in the morning until it remains one fourth. Filter this water and mix one spoon ground sugar candy. Measles ends by taking it on empty stomach.

9. Bassia latifolia: Give 5 grams ground bassia latifolia with honey to the patient to lick. This medicine should be taken before the appearance of measles eruptions. The patient will not suffer from measles in this disease.

10. Camphor:

  • Take 1\4 gram camphor or 5-20 drops of camphor juice is also useful in this disease. It cools down the temperature. Camphor juice is got by tying camphor in a fine cloth piece and sinking in water. This water is called camphor juice.
  • When small eruptions dry themselves, mix camphor in coconut oil and apply on the small poxes. Its use provides relief.

11. Holy basil: Give one spoon juice of holy basil leaves to drink to the child patient for three or four days regularly. Its use provides relief for the treatment of measles.

12. Bitter gourd: Give one spoon bitter gourd juice to the child daily, it is useful for the treatment of measles.

13. Neem:

  • The patient should take bath in neem water. Measles burning sensation ends by its use.
  • Put neem leaves on the bed of the patient regularly. Inner hotness of the body cools by doing so.
  • Boil fresh and soft neem leaves in water and filter. Soak a cloth piece in this water and put on the eyes. Its use ends eye redness.

14. Indian goose berry: If there is a burning sensation or itching after measles, boil dry Indian goose berry in water and cleans the body properly after cooling the water regularly. The itching or burning sensation of measles ends by doing so.

15. Sugar candy: If there is hotness in the body due to bodari mata (a type of measles), mix sugar candy in butter and take two spoons in the morning daily, Measles disappear by its use.

16. Turmeric: Mix 1-2 grams ground turmeric in bitter gourd leaves juice. Measles’s effect reduces by drinking this juice.

17. Indian gooseberry:

Prepare a fine powder by grinding nutgrass, coriander, tinospora, cus cus and indian goose berry each in equal quantity. Prepare a decoction by boiling 5 grams powder in 300 ml water. Filter this decoction and give to the child in little quantity to drink. Its use provides relief in this disease.

18. Liquorice root: If the child has been suffering from catarrh or cough, mix tinospora,pomegranate seeds, currants and liquorice powder after grinding. Mix honey in this powder and give to the child to lick twice or thrice a day. Its use provides relief in this disease.

19. Sandal: If there is a burning sensation in small measles eruptions, grind sandal with water and apply on the body.  Burning sensation of measles’ eruptions disappear by its use.

20. Cluster fig:

  • Mix sugar candy in cluster fig root juice and give two spoons to the patient to drink twice a day. Its use cures measles.
  • Grind raw fruit of cluster fig dried in shadow to prepare fine powder. Give 2 grams powder to the affected child to eat with lukewarm water. Its use provides relief in this disease.

21. Gall stone: Mix 120 grams gall stone in one spoon panjari leaves juice. Give this preparation to the patient twice a day. Gall stone also can be given with milk.

22. Fenugreek: Boil fenugreek seeds in water and give to the patient to drink. Its use provides coolness in the burning sensation of measles eruptions.

23. Collyrium: Mix 1\4 gram collyrium in the juice of corvellek fruit and give to the child twice or thrice a day.

24. Haridra powder: Mix trichosanthes dioica, haridra powder and one-gram Indian gooseberry powder in ¼ ml decoction of tandulikiya leaves. It should be taken twice a day.

25. Triphala: Prepare a decoction by boiling 5-15 ml khadir, triphala, neem leaves, panchang of trichosanthes dioica, tinospora and vasa leaves. Take this decoction twice a day.

26. Turmeric: Take 5-10 ml Hemlock decoction and 250 grams Turmeric powder. This medicine should be taken thrice a day.

27. Indian gooseberry: If a patient of this disease feels burning sensation and itching after measles, boil dried Indian gooseberry in water and cool it. Both burning sensation and itching are cured by washing body with this water.

28. Popy seeds: Grind poppy seeds, sandal and turmeric each in equal quantity to prepare a paste by grinding all with rose water. Apply this paste on the itching affected organs twice a day.

29. Indian pennywort: The disease named measles is cured by drinking Indian pennywort juice mixing with honey.