A balanced diet is essential to arouse sexual power. Therefore, nutritive and good food should be taken to get strength and sexual vigor. 

In ancient time, 56 kinds of dishes were taken. This is the reason that kings and people at that time were too strong like horse. Although, in this modern era, eating 56 kinds of eatable things is not possible but we can take a nutritive and good diet with the money we spend on cold drink, fast food or chowmin.   

Today, people are not worried about their diet. They take fast food, cold drinks, chocolate, pizza, burger, etc. These foodstuffs do not enhance sexual power of a man.  A person, who takes all these kinds of meals, starts to become weak sexually.   

Nutritive foodstuffs:-

We should take natural food to enhance our sexual power. Natural things are as corns, fresh green vegetables, salad, rice without polish, fresh fruits, dry fruit, breads of flour with siftings, sprouted grains, milk, egg ghee and sea food stuffs.

Be vegetarian:-

Vegetarianism enhances sexual power. A vegetarian can make sexual relation more vigorously than the non-vegetarian. It has been proved through scientific researches in foreign countries. Therefore, be a vegetarian and take green leaves and vegetable regularly.

Protein is also must in meal:-

You should include some proteins in your diet. Protein provides agility and activeness in the body. Protein can be obtained by both the kinds of foods viz vegetarian or non vegetarian.


Pulse, corn, milk and products prepared from milk.


Egg and fish

You can get protein in rich quantity from this kind of food.

Calorie should be in ample quantity in your meal:-

Often, the persons, who have fast or adopt dieting, do not supply calorie that is required. Such people think that they will be fat because of excessive calorie. Fatness and laziness are produced because of excessive eating. Therefore, a person should take at least 1500-2000 calorie daily.

Empty stomach is harmful:-    

If you want to survive your sexual life, you should not live on empty stomach. You must take a proper diet. Energy contained in the body starts to spend in other activities. This is the reason that a man feels lack of sexual power and excitement.

Do not take excessive fatty things:-

If you are fond of excessive spicy foodstuff, you should not take this kind of food. This kind of foodstuffs enhances the level of cholesterol in the body, which is harmful for sex life. This is the reason that we should take normal food. Here it means to say that too much use of spices in food is harmful for sexual vigour.

Vitamins are necessary in your meal:-    

Body gets agility from vitamins. If your body is active, your sexual life will also be enjoyable and pleasurable. You must include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet to get vitamins in ample quantity. 

Take vitamin-E:-

Vitamin-E has been called a sex tonic. Sexual power of men improves by the use of vitamin E according to scientists. You should take sprouted grains to get vitamin-E in ample quantity.

Include fiber in your diet:-

There is no nutritive in fibers but it is very essential to clean intestines and a person does not become the victim of constipation. A person should remain far from constipation if he wants to sustain his sexual power. You can include coconut, almond, pulses, and flour with siftings, rice without polish, fruit with fibres, dry fruits and green vegetables to get fibers.

Take kernels:-

Fruits with kernel contain vitamin-E in ample quantity. Vitamin-E plays a very important role in sex life according to researches. Its use enhances sexual power of a man. If there is a lack of vitamin-e, a person feels sexual weakness. If a person takes fruits’ kernel, he does not become the victim of this problem.


Ample quantity of vitamin B keeps a man healthy physically and mentally and both these things are essential for sexual life. A man becomes weak in the lack of vitamin-B. Sexual power of him reduces along with irritation. In this case, vitamin-3 viz niacin plays an important role. This vitamin makes blood circulation normal in the blood arteries and thus, it is helpful in exciting the penis. We can take vitamin b from these things as green vegetable, fruits, fish, egg and sprouted grains.    

Zink supplement:-

Zink supplement is called sex mineral. It is very beneficial for men. The level of testosterone reduces if there is a lack of Zink supplement in the body. This thing affects semen too. Take fruits’ kernels, egg, milk, dry fruits, seafood and fish to get Zink supplement in ample quantity.

Co-enzyme Q-10:-

The nutrient named co enzyme Q-10 plays a very important role in enhancing sexual power during old age. This enhances physical power along with sexual power.  We can obtain this element from the liver and kidney of he-goat and unbroken grains.

Bhojan bhojen food diet