Maximum age for sexual relation


There is such enjoyment and sensual pleasure in sexual intercourse of which a person always wants to get. This sex urge sustain in a man until he becomes unable to make sexual relation. Sexual pleasure is the pleasure in which he not only forgets physical world but God also while making sexual intercourse. This is the reason that a person commits blunder as well as great sin to get temporarily sexual pleasure. We can call it either appetite or lust of a man or attraction towards sex. Each person wants it that his sexual life should be long.

This is the cause that a person always keeps on searching the techniques and methods to improve his sexual power. He takes different kinds of medicine to gain this sexual pleasure and women also uses different kinds of medicines to constrict their vagina. Whether these medicine may provide relief or not but one thing is clear here that a person wants a long sexual life.  

Thereafter, one thing comes before us whether a person should try to get sexual pleasure for a long time or not. Most of us will be in the favor of to do so.

Even though men feel pride in making sexual relation in too much age but the consequences of it are harmful. The offspring that takes birth in old age faces many problems because the body of the child is undeveloped. He is weak both mentally and physically.  

Now the question arises here that what should be the age of sexual relation. According to sexologists this ages should be near about 40 years because the offspring that takes birth in this age can serve their parents.

On the contrary, if the offspring of men takes birth in the age of 55-60, the parents feel pride at the birth of child. Some parents have the capability to produce children in the age of 80-90 too.

Sexual intercourse depends on a person’s own physical strength. There are several essential things to keep on sexual intercourse. It depends on different emotional conditions of different persons. Sexual relations cannot be established properly until both husband and wife are interested in it.  

There is no effect of age on a couple’s sexual life at all. There can be a break in sexual relations when one between two is passive towards sexual relations.  Physical weakness and lack of sex urge may be the cause of breakup in sexual relations. Sometimes, flabbiness in genital organs of both male and female may end this relation. If both husband and wife are in great love, the sexual life never comes to end. Besides it, a woman becomes inactive towards sex after menopause but it happens with a few women.

Women remain deprived from sexual relations because of different kinds of bad ritual present in the society while they always have sexual urge. Generally, it happens with widows because they are not given the chance to marry again. Sometime, it may be the cause of illegal sexual relation.  

Sexual relation in old age may be the cause of several problems. It may be the cause of more children in a family, which is harmful financially. The children, produced in old age, always remain unhealthy. It is also troublesome for the parents.