In arthritis, a patient keeps on taking medicine during the treatment in place of improvement in the diet. He gets no good result by the use of medicines and the disorder of the joints starts to gather there. Medicines suppress the pain but they are not able to expel out the disorder from the body. When pain reduces by the use of medicines, the patient starts to think that the disease has been disappeared. The disorder starts to gather on the joints and when the disorder gathers there properly, swelling appears there. The victim feels difficulty to move the joints in this situation.  


          A patient faces great difficulty in the treatment of arthritis. This disease should be treated like the treatment of joints pain. Alternate fomentation should be done to get rid of this problem. The way of fomenting is-hot fomentation for 3 minutes and cold fomentation for 1 minute. Do so for five times and massage after the fomentation. Apply mudpack on the affected portion once in a day. Tie a piece of cloth on the mudpack too. Keep on moving joints after hot fomentation while giving alternate fomentation and give cold fomentation later on. The disorder melts because of hot fomentation and the victim gets easiness to move the joints. Apply mudpack for 40 minutes on the affected part.         


          This treatment is done for a long period about 6-7 months. The patient needs lots of patience.