Massage of body organs


Techniques of massage:

  • Give a shape to the fingers like comb and massage hair of the head by root properly.
  • Massage head outside and inside backwardly and forwardly by opening the hands into right and left side.
  • Head should be patted at the time of massage of head.
  • Back portion of the head should be massaged up and down many times with the help of both hands.
  • Give the shape of bangle to the hands and contort to the frontal portion of the forehead.
  • Close both hands in this way that all the fingers are free. Now, stroke head with both hands and press the head from every direction.

Massage of the eyes:

          Massage gently to the internal and upper corners of the eyes from every side externally. Give light pressure on the both edges of nose and temples by using big fingers of both hands.  Skin nearabout the eyes is very sensitive therefore, skin of the eyes should not be pulled. Massage to the eyebrows after starting from the nose with pinches. Give contortion on the eyebrows with the help of first finger and thumb. Tiredness of the eyes disappears by doing so five times. Scissor masage on the eyes ends the tiredness of the eyes.   

Massage of the face:

  • Massage of the face should be started from cheeks. Gums get relief by doing so and cheeks become graceful. Keep your both thumbs in the center of chin and bring them towards the end of the gums by rubbing externally. Bring together to the tips of the fingers and press the cheeks gently towards ears. Try to move both hands from the edges of mouth to the ears systemically. 
  • Below portion of the eyes should not be massaged. It is very sensitive area and msucles of this portion are very weak. Massage should be started from the center of the eyebrows to the top of the nose in a round way of eyes. A person can get rid of tension by two ways. Keep tips of the fingers at the center of the eyebrows and bring to the upper portion of the ears by creeping them. Thereafter, bring the tips of the fingers to the temples by forwarding the fingers and do this process on the forehead many times. 
  • After that, massage vertically. In it, bring fingers from the center of eyebrows upwardly. Never pull contraction of eyebrows towards below. Always massage upwardly and in a slanting way. Move fingers gently in a round way to get rid of tension of temples and give pressure slowly. The patient will get relief after 10 to 15 minutes’ rest. 

For mouth massage:

  • If the face is massaged with the massage of head, it proves very beneficial. First, apply a little oil on the hands and then rub on the whole face. Thereafter, rub towards head with hand. Raise chin upwardly and rub oil there too. Rub gently around the eyes with the help of fingers and thumb. Bring your hands to the ears while massaging on the both sides of nose with fingers. Hands should be moved on the cheeks in a round direction downwardly.  
  • Rub to the eyes and give vibration. Rub to the cheeks roundly by giving vibration. Pour oil into the ears two drops in each with vibration on them. Pour two drops oil into both nostrils of nose and massage to the nose externally along with deep breathing. This process proves very beneficial for catarrah and eyesight.
  • Generally, massaging anus by applying mustard oil with the help of fingers proves very beneficial. Applying oil on the prostrate gland situated between testicles and anus is beneficial. Massaging near about the testicles avoids a person from urinary diseases. Application of oil on the anus is called ganesha kirya. A person does not become the victim of constipation and piles by doing so.    
  • Too much pressure should not be given on the eyes while massaging face. If eyes are rubbed with the help of both hands after having meal, it proves very beneficial. Eyes should be massaged from every direction and hand should be rubbed on the whole face too. A person gets lots of relief by followig these processes. Eyesight increases by doing so. If face is massaged with dry hands before bath regularly, it proves very beneficial. Beacause acnes do not appear on the face and the face becomes beautiful by doing so.

Women should take help of massage to maintain ther beauty:

Massage for hands:

          For the massage of hands, first, apply oil on the hands and rub both palms properly. Upper portion of the hand should be massaged with the help of thumb of other hand. Move your joints of fingers and give a little jerk to the fingers by griping fingers with the help of other hand. Rub muscles of the fingers. Rub wrist in a round way and move it with the help of other hand.

For arms’ massage:

  • First, apply oil on the arms properly and sit like the posture mentioned here. Keep your half hand under the second feet from inside. Now, keep your another hand near about the round area of the first hand and massage with hands from below to above by giving pressure with leg. One thing should be remembered that another leg should be supported by arms to get good pressure.
  • Move your fingers and palms by massaging properly. Thereafter, move your arms from the elbows many times. Shoulders should be moved in the same way.
  • Now, extract your hand which was under the feet and keep there again from opposite side. Thus, the condition of arm will change too. As you have massaged on the first arm in the same way, this portion should be massaged too. Do this process 3-4 times on this portion.   
  • Extract your arm which is under the feet and give a shape of bangel to the hand as following posture shows and massage on the other hand. The hand which is being massaged should be brandished along with bangle.
  • Arms should be jounced like the legs. Move your hands with the sound of anything.  Move hands with the sound, direct stroke, blowing and giving vibration should be used. In the same way, second arm should be massaged.   

For neck massage:

          Mostly, tension remains present on the shoulder and neck of the body of each person because weight of the head is situated on the neck. Besides it, muscles of the both side of neck become extended because of the sitting posture. Mostly, a person sits by bending on the shoulders. For the massage of neck, make the patient lie on the stomach side and the process of kneading should be started on the both shoulders. This process of kneading should be started from the neck to the skull. Doing so provides relief very much.

For the massage of neck and face:

  • Apply oil on the neck and grip it with the help of both hands. Massage neck roundly by giving a little pressure.
  • Move your right hand from the left side and keep a little above on the back side of the neck and bring it to the throat by giving pressure. It is good if neck is moved along with hand. A good pressure takes birth and hand will move easily. Similarly, massage to the back portion of the neck to the throat with the left hand. 
  • Keep your hand below the chin and massage to the neck and throat from up to below side. 
  • Cover your full face with the help of both hands. Thereafter, massage your face with the hands gently. One thing should be remembered that eyes should remain far from any kind of pressure while doing so. Rub your eyes gently with the help of palms. Massage your eyes roundly with your fingers.

Massage of neck and shoulders:

          Massage should be started from the neck and shoulders where there is excessive tension. Keep your right hand at the center of the chest and bring it to the left side of the neck and shoulder while massaging neck and shoulder. In the same way, keep your left hand and bring it towards right side. Repeat this process again and again by turns. In this way, try to get rid of the tension of the back portion of the neck with the help of both hands. Repeat this process again and again too. In this way, try to get rid of the tension of the back side of the neck. Make the shape of bowl to the both hands and keep one hand on the lower portion of the neck and keep other hand below the gum. Thereafter, bring your both hands in the back side of the gums by giving pressure by both hands. Thus, repeat this process by changing hands and move your hands round the neck. Massage frontal portion of the neck from below to up with the fingers.

Massage of the breast:

  • Two organs of the chest of a person are very important-lungs and heart. Liver and stomach are situated in the lower portion of the chest. Liver is situated in the right side and stomach is situated in the left side which is present half under the ribs and half in the stomach.
  • First, massage to the chest by applying oil. Thereafter, rub by holding muscles of both sides of armpit. After that, rub each by turns. Massage breast and heart in a round way. Thereafter, keep both hands on the breast and massage from armpit to heart. Breast should be patted. Use bowl process. Rub to the whole breast properly and give light blows and vibration.

For the massage of stomach:

  • For the massage of stomach, first, the patient should loose his stomach completely. Stomach should be empty at the time of massage. Here it means to say, he should not eat anything if he wants to massage his body. Food should be eaten by the patient before 4-5 hours of massage.   
  • If the patient has eaten food, massage should not be done at any rate. Besides, the masseur should remember one thing that if there is swelling and sore on the stomach, massage should not be done at any cost rate because it will be very harmful for the stomach. Massage of the stomach is very beneficial because stomach has digestion system, liver, spleen, duodenum, pancreas, small and big intestines etc. This is the reason that stomach is considered very important.    
  • Apply oil on the stomach before massage and then start massage. Massage should be started from the big intestine to the liver by pressing the hand gently. Thereafter, fold hand towards left side and bring near about the stomach. After that, bring towards below by pressing the spleen with the help of hand and there after bring hand towards right from there. Thereafter, bring your hand upwardly with pressure and reach in the center and end to the pressure at the lower portion of the abdomen. The intestine runs too as our hand moves on the surface of the stomach at the time of massage which forwards from the below corner of the left side stomach towards stomach by passing under the liver. The big intestine goes towards below from there and then goes by moving a little right side upwardly. Thereafter, it turns towards below from the left side and meets with the anus.          
  • Hands should be moved five six times as described before. Rub and jounce to the stomach with this process after moving hand through this process. Hands should be moved again. Rub to the muscles of the stomach and use drum process.
  • After this process, keep your hand on the naval and move in a round way from there. Move this chakra and go towards big intestines by enlarging this chakra. Follow this rule on the big intestine. Do this process two or thrice a day. Thereafter, rub to the stomach. The stomach of the patient becomes loose with the hand of the masseur.
  • Keep all the five fingers of the right hand on the naval and bring into the deep of stomach by giving pressure of fingers with vibration according to the condition of the patient. Thereafter, loose your hand and move towards left and right. After that, close together all the fingers and keep them on the vacant portion among the ribs. After that, bring your hand towards below directly by giving pressure with the hand and end the pressure at the lower portion of the abdomen.   
  • If you feel the need of other hand, pressure can be given by the other hand on the first hand. Repeat this process twice or thrice a day. The pressure given to the patient should be as much as the patient may bear it. Jounce to the stomach after giving light pat. Keep on continue to some processes as rolling, patting, grinding, and vibrating.  

Massage for stomach and chest:

  • A masseur or masseuse should remember some special things at the time of massage of the chest and stomach. For example-
  • First, apply oil on the stomach and chest properly. Thereafter, keep both hands on the big intestine and move it right and left direction as the picture shows. First, bring right hand a little above and then bring left hand a little above. Then, bring down to the hands. Do so for five times. Move your hands slowly with pressure. Massage in the same way.


          Keep your hands on the vacan portion among the ribs by crossing them and bring towards below from the above with pressure. You can move your hands straightly and in a long way in this process.


          Keep your fingers of both hands on the naval viz middle portion of the stomach and move them from right to left roundly. Thereafter, keep on enlarging this chakar slowly.


          Give a little pressure on the stomach and rub down to up, right to left gently and then jounce to the stomach. Rolling process and vibating process shoudl be done at this time. 


          Keep your right hand on the left shoulder and bring downwards the chest with pressure. Then, keep your left hand on the right shoulder and bring downwards the chest. Do this process many times too.


        Now, keep your hand on the chest with pressure and bring inside in this way that both hands may meet completely as the following picture shows. Massage chest by bringing hands up and down. Rub to the ribs too. Then, massage to the whole chest by bringing hands inside and outside. The breast and heart should be massaged roundly.

Massage of the back:

          Upper portion of the waist is known by the name of back. Tiredness of the body can be reduced by massage because the web of nerves starts from the backbone and stretches into the body. so, tiredness of the body can be removed by giving strength to these nerves in the massage.

  • Apply oil on the back and start massage. Hands should be moved like clapping, grinding and other activities. Massage upper portion of the back towards below and lower portion of the back towards above. Remember one thing that in the massage of back from down to upwardly should be towards heart.
  • After that, ride on the back of the patient and keep your right hand on the backbone directly. Now, keep your other hand on the first hand by giving pressure of your body on the patient according to the physical condition of the patient and bring hands towards neck vertically. The forehead of the patient should be on the ground in the lying stage of the patient. The mouth should be towards below and the neck should be straight.

Second process:

  • Keep your both hands on the right and left side under the back by touching to the backbone. Both thumbs of the hands should be in this way that they may forward by rubbing to the backbone. The pressure of the fingers and palms should be given altogether. Now bring your hands towards above side by slipping. Bring your hand to the shoulder and rub to the muscles of the shoulder by griping them. The patient feels no pain while griping him in this way. There is no need to keep the head erect. The patient can keep his head in one side if he wants. In this massage, the arms should be fold, a little far from the armpit and on the ground. Palms of the patient should be near about the mouth. No tension takes birth in the muscles of the back.    

Third process:

  • Keep your both hands on the right side and left side in this way that your both thumbs may go on the backbone at the time of massage and palms may go to the shoulders while massaging the back from the side of back. Massage towards above by keeping hands in this way with the pressure of your body. bring your shoulder and hands to the elbows. Do this process 3-4 times. Rub on the back after doing this process once and jounce the body. Backbone should be touched with the fingers at the time of massage.

Fourth process:

  • Keep your both hands at the right and left side of the backbone so that the fingers may remain towards below and palms may meet to each other on the backbone. After giving this shape to the hands, use grinding process with the help of palms on the buttocks. Thereafter, bring your hands towards the armpit with the pressure of your body by slipping. Bring your both hands from backbone to the armpit by rubbing the muscles

          Thereafter, remove from the back of the patient and sit in the pre mentioned posture. In this stage, your hand will run properly and easily from head to the feet.

Fifth process:

        In this process, hand is kept in a length shape on the backbone. After keeping hand in this way, bring hand towards above by giving pressure of the body. Give pressure with jerk just above the stomach and then forward for four five inches further and give pressure with jerk again. Breath of the patient comes out because of such pressure rapidly. Forward hand in this way and give pressure with jerk after reaching on the back just above the chest. The lungs shrink by doing so and breath comes out. Bring your hand to the neck while doing so. Naval region, lungs, and ribs get lot of relief because of this pressure.

          Now rub the muscle of back and use rolling process. Use standing pat on the back, buttock, thighs and calves. Stroke all the organs with the fingers and use bowl patting, patting, blowing, vibrating and other processes by turns.

For the massage of waist:

          Generally, different organs of the body have different kinds of characteristics but importance of waist cannot be ignored because it is used while sitting, standing, bending any many other activities. Therefore, waist should be flexible. But, it is ignored. This is the reason that 8 person out of 10 are the victim of backache. They keep on suffering from any problem of back. Backache changes into fatal ache or any serious disease if it is ignored until the patient starts to pay attention about it. Nervous system of the body is attached to the waist. This is the reason that massage of the waist provides relief to the whole body. 

Massage of the feet:

          Generally, massage with oil should be started from the feet. First, apply oil on the fingers of the feet and then rub them with thumb and shake to the joints so that an agitation may take birth in them. Loose feet completely and give jerk by griping fingers one by one by turns. Thereafter, apply oil on the soles and massage. Thereafter, rub oil on the feet with the help of the hand and thumb. Rub oil on the ankles in a round way and move the tumors. Give exercise to the joints and give light strokes to the fingers.

Massage with electricity:

         Massage of electricity is done with the help of several kinds of small and big device. This massage affect to the body elements deeply. Such kinds of electric devices are available in the market but are very costly. Several parts are attached in the electric devices to massage the different kinds of organs. Circulation of the blood is increased by using this massage so that body organs may get strength.

          Such electric devices of massage are called massager or vibrator. Excessive precautions are necessary while massaging the body with the help of these devices. Generally, massagers thatwhich are used in homes are available in the market. 

          Four and five equipments are attached in these electric massagers that are used to massage the body. An equipment of the massager is in the shape of comb which is used to massage the head. Second equipment is soft like the sponge which is used to massage the face. Third equipment is used to massage the joints and bones which is in the shape of a bell. It is used to massage soft and tender muscles of the body. Massage with electric devices provides relief on one hand and affect body deeply. Here it means to say that electric devices cannot provide as much relief as the patient gets by hand massage because the power and pure ideas which is given to the patient by the masseur cannot be given to the patient by the lifeless electric massage.