Manisparnum is used for curing all women disturbances during menstrual secretion

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind related symptoms:

The woman, who suffers from disordering of menstrual secretion, goes on disappointing all the time. Giving Manisparnum to the suffered woman cures above problems.

Head-related symptoms:

Manisparnum should be given to the woman who suffers from problems of menstrual secretion for curing giddiness and feeling sound as if the bells are ringing in the ears.

Bleeding related symptoms:

The woman suffers from excessive excretion during menses. Normally, the woman suffers from scanty bleeding while menstruations, but when blood discharges in much amount, woman starts suffering from excessive weakness. The woman also suffers from bleeding from the upper membrane of her uterus. These symptoms aggravate by working hard. The blood which discharges is bright, red, excessive and clotty. As well as the woman suffers from pain in the lower portion of the stomach or excessive bleeding after delivery. These symptoms can be cured by taking Manisparnum.


Mother tincture, 3x and 6x potency of Manisparnum should be used for curing symptoms of diseases.