Beautiful hands improve the beauty of a woman. Beauty of the hands gets affected because of doing domestic deeds. But hands can be made soft and beautiful with a little care. Hands become rough because of the use of detergent, cold or hot water while washing clothes.

         Rubber or cotton gloves can be put on to sustain the beauty of hands. Such kinds of gloves are cheap and can be purchased from any medical store easily. 


  • Mix one spoon milk, one ground almond, one lemon juice and glycerin and rosewater each two drops properly. Apply this mixture on the hands at night before sleeping. In the morning, wash hands with gram flour mixed water. Hands will become soft and fair by doing so.
  • Mix water and vinegar in equal proportions and then drench hands in this preparation for five minutes. Or twist a lemon in 1.5 liters water and drench hands for five minutes too in this water and then mop hands with towel. 
  • Rub raw peeled potato on the hands to make them fair. In the same way, rub lemon piece on the hands to make them beautiful.  

Method of manicure:

         Generally, regular manicure has no special kind of need but a little knowledge is sufficient for it. 


         Remove old layers of nail polish. First, drench cotton wad in remover and then keep it on the nail with a little pressure for five seconds. Now, mop them from up to below. Do so until nail polish disappear completely. Cleanse nails tips and armpits properly with soap.  


  • Stay for sometime after removing nail polish and then start filing of nails. Start filing after drying the nails completely. If filing is done on wet nail, there is doubt of breaking them. If your nails are too much long, they should not be shortened with file but with the help of nail cutter. Filing should be done by moving it in a circular way. Most of women do filing after straightening finger and palm towards below. Filing of nails this way does not give good shape.   
  • Palm should be up side all the time whenever you are filing. Fold hand in one side by closing fingers and keep your thumb on the first finger and file nails by giving light strokes. If you want beautiful nail, let the nails increase till the tips of fingers. Thereafter, desired shape should be given to the nails by doing filing from outside in place of filing from inside. Thereafter, nails should be cleaned properly by washing them with soap mixed lukewarm water.

Cuticle control:

  • Your nails appear long if your cuticle is clean and good. Hence, pay lots of attention on your cuticle. Cuticle of nails should not be touch with any weapon because doing so can be harmful for your nails.
  • Take soap mixed lukewarm water if you want to make your fingers soft. Then apply cuticle remover and keep your finger in this water for five minutes. Rub nails with brush properly and then dry them. Now, press the cuticle of each nail with pusher. Don’t give too much pressure while pressing it. Then, wash off hands with soap mixed water. Don’t try to cut to the cuticle.
  • Besides these, you should adopt manicure once in a week necessary. You can do it at your home too. Purchase manicure kit from the market. This kit contains filer, nail cutter, orange stick, scissors, cuticle pusher etc. take a little lukewarm water in a tub and mix one spoon ammonia in it, 6-7 drops of hydrogen peroxide, a little salt and one spoon shampoo.  Before starting manicure, remove nails polis painted before with the help of cotton wad by drenching it nail polish remover. If nails are long very much, they should be cut in round shape with the help of nail cutter.    
  • Thereafter, apply a little cream on the hands and nails. Thereafter, keep your hands in the water for ten minutes and then draw out them. Cuticle skin starts to hang because of water. Push them inside with the help of cuticle pusher. Then, remove filth with the help of orange stick. Now, wash hands with clean water and then apply nail polish on the nails.