Mangifera indica




Mangifera indica is very useful medicine for preventing (stopping) passive bleeding from the upper membrane of the uterus, kidneys, intestines and anus. 

Mangifera indica is used for curing several diseases like- nose inflammation, sneezing, throat swelling and other diseases of the throat, dyspnea, intestines weakness, coldness of the muscles, looseness in the mucous membranes of the pharynx and weakness of the ducts that helps in the transmission of the blood.

Useful in various symptoms:

Skin related symptoms:

Mangifera indica is the great remedy for curing palms itching, skin swelling, patches of white flecks, intensive itching, swelling of the ears and lips and seeming of skin burnt caused by sunshine.


Mangifera indica can be compared with Apilobium, Arijaron, etc.


Mother tincture of Mangifera indica should be used for curing symptoms of diseases.