Mancinella medicine is used for curing skin diseases like- skin swelling, adhesive discharge from swelled skin and skin coats. 

As a girl enters in teenage as her menses starts and her sexual excitement is increased. Mancinella drug is very useful in above symptom.  

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind-related symptoms:

Mancinella is the great remedy in the cases of all the diseases of skin or excessive sexual excitement during menses, sadness, intensive illusion, inability to think, excessive shyness, fear about madness and living quietly all the time. 

Head-related symptoms:

Mancinella drug should be used for curing problems of giddiness, slight headache, skull itching, hair falls and feeling of head emptiness.

Nose related symptoms:

Mancinella medicine is used for checking the problems of offensive smell from the nose like gunpowder and dung and feeling of pressure in the nasal joints.

Mouth related symptoms:

Mancinella is the beneficial remedy for checking the problems of mouth inflammation like chilly, excessive and offensive saliva from the mouth having taste like blood and much trouble by contraction and throat inflammation.

Stomach related symptoms:

Mancinella is the best medicine in the cases of vomiting of undigested food particles, afterwards stomach gripping and excessive excretion, pain and intensive burning sensation of the stomach, vomiting and constant feeling as if something is pricking in the stomach by that crop of, troubles during inhaling. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

Mancinella drug should be taken in the cases of thumb pain and feeling of coldness in the hands and feet like ice. It provides complete relief from above symptoms.

Skin related symptoms:

Mancinella medicine is used for curing small and red pimples of the skin along with pain, big boils and heavy and saffron colour coats and layers of the body.


Mancinella medicine can be compared with other drugs like- Cantharis, Anaca, Cotton, Jatropha, etc. 


6th to 30th potency of Mancinella medicine should be given to the suffered patient.