Small pox


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Small pox is generated by bacteria. It spreads from one patient to other. When the bacteria of this disease are entered in the body, small pox occurs. The bacteria of this disease are as small as it can not be seen even with the help of Microscope. Some people believed that it is transferred by air and flies from one place to other and when a person comes in its reach/contact, he/she is affected from this disease. Small pox never occurs again after occurring once. There are two types of small pox- mutual/confluent small pox and separate/discrete small pox.   

Mutual small pox:-

Small pox in which two or more grains (pimples) are combined to each other is called mutual small pox. When these grains are matured, pus is produced in it. If these grains appeared on the face, cheek, head and inside the nose, it can be terrible. After 11-12 days of entering the bacteria of small pox, fever comes that raised up to 103 to 106 degree. In the condition of fever, the patient feels cold, burning sensation, pain in the entire body and the symptom of vomiting. After 2-3 days, grains start appear and then fever begins to reduce. After 5-6 days, water begins to fill in these grains and then converted into pus. At this time, the temperature of the body again rose up to 106 degree and increased too much within 6 to 10 days. In this way, if fever rises, the patient can die too.        

Separate small pox:-

If the grains appear separately, they are called separate small pox. The symptoms of this small pox are similar to the symptoms of mutual small pox, but fever is not as high as in mutual small pox.


According to the doctors, vaccine of small pox should be taken.  In this disease, vaccine is injected on the arm to prevent small pox. Homoeopathic doctors vaccinate after giving Vaccininum, Variolinum or Salendrinum to the patient for taking. Both the way of vaccinate gives same result. There is no possibility of vaccinosis ((any harmful effects of vaccinate) by homoeopathic treatment.  Any one drug among Vaccininum 30, Variolinum 30 or Salendrinum 30 should be taken 2 times a day for 2 weeks. If fever or any other diseases have occurred after the use of this drug, we should understand that it is working well and if it is nothing so, that means drug is not doing its own work. According to some homoeopathic doctors, taking the powder of Vaccininum 6x acts as vaccine of small pox and there is no possibility of vaccinosis. If small pox has multiplied, taking Variolinum 30 once or twice a week provides relief in this disease. If a healthy person has the possibility of occurring small pox, he should take Variolinum 30.      

Treatment of small pox with the help of different drugs:-

  • Generally, vaccine of small pox is vaccinated before dentition in the children, but if vaccine does not vaccinate on time due to any reason or due to suffering from any other diseases, giving Vaccininum 6 is every effective. After giving this drug, there is no need of vaccinate.
  • Vaccininum is used in the initial stage of small pox. Taking 0.6 g of Vccininum 6x as a dose once in a day is beneficial in the initial stage of small pox. In this disease, Vaccininum 30, Variolinum 30 or Malendrinum 30 can be used once in a week.
  • To protect the child from small pox, give donkey’s milk to the child for drinking or rubbing this milk on the body is beneficial.
  • Any one drug among- Aconite, Belladonna, Baptisia or Veretrum-vir, etc. should be given to the patient in the beginning of the fever in the condition of small pox.
  • If pus or water begins to produce in grains (eruptions) of small pox, any one drug among- Antim-tart, Merc, Lache or Apis, etc. can be used.
  • If grains have erupted in the small pox, using any one drug among- Sarasinium 6, Antim-tart, Thuja, Rhus-tox, etc. is beneficial.
  • If grains had suppressed after erupting in the condition of small pox, giving Camphor, Sulphor or Thuja, etc. is beneficial in this case.
  • Sulphur should be taken in the condition of forming thin layer like chaff on the skin during small pox. In this condition, the body should be washed with hot water and wiped properly. Applying crushed sandal or the solution prepared after mixing 50-60 drops of Hydrastis oil with 1 ounce of olive oil on the body provides relief. It helps the matured scabs to remove out from the skin. 
  • If small pox has left its marks after curing, Sarracenia should be taken and the face should be covered. Applying the lotion or oil of Hydrastis is beneficial.           

Treatment of small pox occurring with other diseases by different drugs:-

  • Using Bryo, Kali-bi and Antim-tart is very effective in the condition of bronchitis.  
  • In small pox, Acid or Bell is used in the condition of inflammation, closing eyes and swelling of the throat.  
  • If lungs inflammation occurs with burning sensation in the condition of small pox, using Phos or Antim-tart. is very effective.    
  • If the blood has accumulated in the lungs during small pox, using Acon and Bryo is very effective.
  • If unconsciousness or laziness has occurred during small pox, using Ars and Bapti is very effective.
  • Taking Merc-cor and Sulphur is very useful in the condition of eyes inflammation with small pox.
  • If boils have appeared during small pox, using Hepar-sulphur, Phosphorus or Sulphur, etc. is better.

Other treatment of small pox with the use of different drugs:-

  • The patient of small pox should be kept in airy room and his bed should be changed again and again.
  • The bed of the patient should be soft and comfortable.
  • If grains of small pox have erupted and pus has produced in them, apply one part of Boric acid after mixing it in 20 times of olive oil on the whole body. When grains begin to dry, immerse a piece of clean cloth in hot water and the body should be wiped with it.
  • Give arrowroot, apple, greens, barley, milk with soda water, grapes, milk, etc. to the patient and after getting some relief, give light nutritive diet.  
  • In this disease, apply cow’s butter on the patient’s body.
  • Eating fish, meat and bean in this disease is very harmful, so do not take these eatables.
  • The patient should be kept always in neat and clean place and do not enter the patient’s room with sleepers and shoes.
  • In this disease, giving air with the help of small neem branch is very useful.
  • Take care of the patient so that he did not scratch his body.
  • The bed and clothes of the patient should be cleaned well.

Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1. Merc-sol:
- If pus begins to produce in the grains of small pox, taking Merc-sol is very useful.
2. Antim-tart:- Before occurring small pox, the patient begins to feel laziness, lack of appetite and weakness. After that, fever occurs and grains begin to erupt. The patient should take bath with hot water in the condition of fever and until grains appear completely, because it helps the grains to erupt well and there is no possibility of other diseases. In such initial symptoms in which grains has appeared and pus does not produce, take Antim-tart 3x in such situation.

3. Baptishia, Arnica or Milipho- If in the initial stage of small pox, blood comes out from grains and the patient has becomes inactive suddenly, using Baptisia 3x, Arnica 3 or Milipho 6 according to the patient’s symptoms is very effective.
4. Veretrum-vir:- If the patient is suffering from violent pain, waist pain, fast pulse rate, fever and watery loose motions, etc. in the condition of small pox, using Veretrum-vir 6x is very effective.
5. Merc-sol:- In the second stage of small pox, if fever occurs, pus is produced in grains, wounds in the throat, amoebic loose motions or mixed with blood; giving Merc-sol 6 in such symptoms provides relief.
6. Antim-tart:- The powder of Antim-tart 3x should be used in the condition of small pox with symptoms like- producing pus in grains, pain in the breathing pipe, nausea and vomiting with fever, etc.
7. Rubinica Spirit Camphor or Gelsemium:- If the grains of small pox has suppressed without appearing completely, Rubinica spirit camphor or Gelsemium 1x or Zincum 6 should be taken.
8. Sarracenia:- Sarracenia can be used in all the stages of small pox. From 3 to 6 potency of this drug is used to cure disease. By the use of this drug, restlessness of the patient gets cure and production of pus in the grains is stopped.
9. Crotalus:- If the grains of small pox have changed in to black, using Crotalus 6x is appropriate. It provides relief from disease and using Sulphur 1x cures disease. This drug is also used to prevent small pox and for this, Sulphur 3x is used.
10. Rhus-tox:- If the grains of small pox have erupted completely and the symptoms of collapse fever are found during maturing these grains, any potency between Rhus-tox 3 to 30 can be used.
11. Arsenic:- If pus has produced in the grains of small pox and the patient starts suffering from fever and loose motions, using Arsenic 6 or 30 is very effective. :-
12. Hamamellis, Arnica or Milipho:- In the condition of bleeding, Hamamellis 3x, Arnica 30 or Milipho 6 are used. It helps to stop bleeding.
13. Apis-mel:- If the region around the face and grain (after erupting) have swollen and itching sensation occurs with the aggravation of all the diseases at night, taking Apis Mel 3x is very useful.
14.  Apis:- In the condition of appearing additional grains with pus, if saliva comes out from the mouth, wounds have appeared in the throat, offensive smell comes out from the mouth and loose motions with blood comes out, using Apis 3x to 30 is very effective.
 15. Coffea:- The patient suffering from sleepless and restlessness should take Coffea 3.
16.  Rubinica camphor:- If the grains suppressed suddenly and the whole body has become cold, having difficulty in breathing or the paralysis of the brain has occurred, taking 3-4 drops of Rubinica camphor after mixing it in little water at an interval of 10-15 minutes is beneficial. Taking this solution until the body became hot.
17. Sulphur:- If grains of small pox have erupted with pus which is not fair and yellow colour but black and purple, violent itching sensation has occurred in them, potency between Sulphur 1x to 30 should be used then Carbo-veg 6 or Nitric acid 3 or Arsenic 3x should be taken.
18. Opium:- If the patient feels much sleepy, affection originates and whizzing sound comes from the nose, any potency between Opium 3 to 30 is used.
19. Varasinia:- If small pox has multiplied or occurred in pregnancy period or painful vomiting occurs and the entire body feels intensive pain, any potency between Varasinia 1x to 3 can be used. Using this drug on time in the condition of small pox helps to change its nature and grains erupted on the body are cured.