Male Bamboo



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The trees of male bamboo are found all over India but mostly its trees are found at Konkan in Maharsshtra. The height of its trees is 25-30 meters and its leaves are long.Introduction:

        The trees of male bamboo are found all over India but mostly its trees are found at Konkan in Maharsshtra. The height of its trees is 25-30 meters and its leaves are long. The stem of bamboo tree is very strong. We can know about the firmness of its stem only by this example if we attack on its stem by a canon, it remains unaffected.  We can take idea by this think that if we attack suddenly on this tree with a cannon (a type of weapon), does not effect on it. The seeds appear of its tree when it is 60 years old. The seeds appear in clusters at a regular short space. Bamboo starts to dry after ripening its seeds. Many bamboos dry if a bamboo dries. After 20-25 years, new seeds grow on the male bamboo tree. Its seeds are like wheat corn. The poor and autochthon make breads with its seeds’ flour to eat. Bamboo is used for preparing many things as basket, mat, winnowing basket and fans. A substance like camphor comes out from the bamboo tree which is called “Bamboo manna (Vanshlochan)”.

Name in different languages:

English         :      Male Bamboo

Hindi            :      Bansh

Sanskrit        :      Bansh or Venu

Bengali         :      Bansh

Gujarati        :      Bansh

Marathi        :      Velu, Banvu, Manga and Chiwa

Kannada      :      Bidiru, Gala or Alae

Telugu          :      Kachkae

Tamil            :      Mungil

Malayalam   :       Mungil

Latin           :       Bambu savelgerris

Dry Bamboo: It is sour, vapid, cool and tasty. It is a good remedy in many diseases as leucoderma, urinary problems, spermatsorrhoea and piles. It is antiphlogistic. It is anti biligenic and expectorant. It reduces the warmth of the body and checks blood disorders.

Pola Bamboo: It is peptic and relishing. It is useful for the treatment of indigestion and provides relief in pain. It also eliminates the gas of the stomach.

Wet Bamboo: It is spicy, bitter, sour, vapid, small, cool and tasty. It checks blood disorders and eliminates bile. It cures urinary problems and tridosha (gas, bile, phlegm).

Bamboo seeds: Bamboo seeds are vapid, nutritive and sweet. Its use enhances the sperm count and body becomes strong. The seeds bring the phlegm out and eliminate bile. Its seeds are useful for the treatment of spermathorrhoea.

Bamboo manna (vanshlochan): Bamboo manna is vapid and sweet. It enhances sperm count and filters the blood. It eliminates vatta, bile and phlegm. It is a good remedy for tuberculosis, leucoderma, fever and jaundice.

Colour: It is green.

Taste: It is vapid.

Structure: The trees of male bamboo are found in forests, jungles, fields and over the mountains. Its flowers are white. A type of rice is also found in bamboo.

Nature: It is cool.

Precaution: Bamboo is harmful for the lungs.

Caution: Bamboo’s medicines should not be used with sterculia urens (Katira).

Quality: The root of bamboo tree makes the body clean and pure. Burn the root of bamboo tree and grind it properly and after that mix jasmine oil in it. Apply this oil on the bald patches. Its use provides relief. Take the juice of bamboo leaves mixing with honey for the treatment of cough. Drinking the decoction of bamboo leaves regulates menses. Make pickle with the root of bamboo and take. It checks vatta-kapha-pitta and blood disorders. It is useful in leucoderma and reduces the swelling of the body. Its use heals up the wounds.

Bamboo sprouts: The sprouts of bamboo are dry, purgative and heavy. Their use increase phlegm, vatta and pitta.

            Rice of bamboo is pungent, sweet and tasty. It makes the sperm thick and enhances sperm count. It makes the body powerful and strong. It eliminates the bile and brings the phlegm out. It is useful in diabetes mellitus.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Sperm with urine: Mix bamboo ash and sugar in rice water. Drinking this mixture regularly prevents sperm with urine.

2. Swallowing mercury: Mix sugar in a little juice of bamboo leaves and give it to the patient. Its use provides relief in this case.

3. Blood inflammation: Make a decoction by boiling the bark of bamboo tree and cool it. Taking this decoction mixing with honey is useful to calm the inflammation of the blood.

4. Diabetes mellitus: Make a decoction by boiling the green and dried leaves of bamboo tree. Drinking this decoction twice a day provides relief in this disease. It should be given to the patient when they feel thirst.

5. Cough and asthma in children: Giving the powder of bamboo manna with honey to the child is beneficial for the treatment of cough and asthma. Mix the burls of bamboo in water and give it to the child. Its use provides relief.

6. Spermatorrhoea:

  • Grind equal quantity of bamboo manna, cubeb, cobra saffron and cardamom seeds together and filter it through cloth. Mix sandal oil in this preparation and make tablets equal to betel nut by this mixture. Mix 5 grams sugar and one tablet in 40 ml cold water. Drink this mixture twice a day to cure all the types of spermatorrhoea.
  • Taking 4 pieces of bamboo manna with milk and sugar-candy reduces the warmth of the body within one week.

7. Body strength: Collect following herbs in double quantity to each other according to serial cinnamon, cardamom, small pepper, bamboo manna and sugar-candy. Grind these herbs into fine powder. This powder is called “Sitopaladi churan”. This powder is an efficacious medicine in tuberculosis, fever and cough. It also enhances the strength of the body.

8. Urinary problem: Make the powder by grinding bamboo manna, cubeb and cardamom together and filter it through cloth. Taking three pinches this powder with milk and sugar-candy makes the urine clean.

9. Erysipelas: Grind the fresh root of bamboo tree and apply it on the affected part to get relief in erysipelas.

10. Eyelids’ cramps: Apply the juice of bamboo’s soft leaves in the eyes to stop the cramps of the eyelids.

11. Cough: Mix bamboo juice, ginger juice and honey each 6 grams together. Taking this mixture regularly for some days is a good remedy in cough and asthma.

12. Stye: Applying bamboo’s (soft) leaves’ juice in the eyes suppresses stye.

13. Dysmenorrhoea: Make a decoction by boiling the leaves and soft burls of bamboo tree. Drinking this decoction shrinks the uterus and normalizes the menses. Mix old jiggery (gur) in water and take with 40 ml above decoction at the regular interval of 6 hours. It should be drunk before 5 days to menstrual excretion.

14. Deafness: Pouring 2-3 drops juice of bamboo’s flowers into ears 3-4 times a day is good treatment. A patient of deafness gets rid of this disease gradually.

15. Wound: Extract the juice of the soft leaves of bamboo tree. Apply it on the wound and afterwards tie this poultice on wound to heal up the wound.

16. Uterus contraction and purification: Mix 40 grams jiggery (gur) in the decoction of bamboo’s leaves and soft burls. Take this mixture 4 times a day to contract the uterus and purifies the uterus.

17. Disturbances in blood caused by bile: Taking one-gram powder of bamboo’s soft leaves twice a day provides relief.

18. Shooting: Washing the wound of shooting with the juice of bamboo’s soft leaves daily prevents the wound to spread. The wound heals up soon after its use.

19. Ailments caused by vaccination: Grind new and soft leaves of bamboo. Apply this paste on the affected part. Its use provides relief.

20. Arthritis: Grind the soft burls of bamboo tree and apply on the joints. Its use provides relief in joints’ pain.

21. Ringworms: Grind the root of bamboo and apply on the ringworms. Its use removes ringworm.