Massage of the feet



          This massage is done in small hospitals at Malabar a place in south India. About it, we are describing some rules. There should be a hasp in the ceiling of the room in which the patient is to be massaged. A rope is tied in the hasp and a round knot is made on the one end of the rope. The masseur balances his body by holding this end at the time of massaging body. The masseur decides what kind of pressure should be given on the different body organs by holding the one end of the rope. He pays attention on the physical condition of the patient too.   

          The patient is made lie in a straight position at the time of massage. There is oil in a plate. The masseur applies oil in his soles of the feet by standing with the help of rope. Thereafter, oil is applied on the legs of the patient with the help of feet. Soles of the feet are rubbed on the muscles of the patient’s legs but pressure is not given on the bones. Each portion of the feet is used while massaging. Feet are moved up and down carefully.

          One thing should be remembered that there is no rule that massage should be done from the side of heart. Feet are made slipped by giving pressure on the thighs. Excessive oil is used in this massage so that feet may move easily. The stomach is rubbed from right to left side with the help of front portion of the foot by giving a little pressure on the big intestines. The whole foot is moved from up to down. Feet are rubbed on the chest from the ribs to the armpits and feet are brought under the throat. Neck is rubbed from the upper portion of the feet and front portion of the neck is rubbed with the help of toes. Thus, arms are massaged up and down with the help of oil.

          The patient is made lie on the stomach after the massage from the upper side. A round piece of cloth is kept under the knees of the patient so that there is no pain in the knees because of pressure. Thereafter, oil is applied on the back of the patient with the help of foot and feet are rubbed on the backbone. Foot is got slipped on the both sides of the backbone. Legs are massaged by slipping and moving foot up and down and from right to left side. Waist is rubbed directly with the help of feet and hips are crushed properly with the help of feet. First, foot is brought from hips to knees and then foot is brought on the calves by giving pressure. Pressure is given again there but the masseur has to pay excessive attention on the bone. Softening to the muscles is the aim of this kind of massage so that pure blood may circulate in them and disorders of the body may come out from there.   

          All the masseurs are very active who massage feet and they massage to the whole body of the patient within some time easily by moving their foot. If any special organ of the body is to be massaged, that body organ is massaged only. Mostly, the right foot is used while massaging but the second foot can be used in need. Generally, the other foot of the masseur is on the ground. Feet of the masseur are very soft because of the massage.