How to make up


Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


          A woman with ordinary or unattractive face can win the heart of many persons if she knows the right way of make up. Marks and spots of the face disappear after make up if it is done properly. Here, knowing one thing is necessary that a few people born beautiful by birth. Most of people have bad and good qualities. Some people know how to comflague to shortcomings of the face and such kind of people win beauty competitions.   

         An ugly woman can be beautified through make up. A girl with ordinary face can attract a boy too. In this modern age, girls start to pay attention towards their make up from their early age. They keep on accepting new ways of make up and try to everything to become beautiful. Some girls are lucky because beauty has been gifted to them by birth. Girls with ordinary face can be beautiful with the help of proper make up.  

If you want to improve your beauty, you will have to follow following tips :


Foundation is available for all types of skin whether the woman has dry or oily or mixed skin :

  • Creamy foundation is available for dry skin. This foundation contains moisturizer in sufficient quantity to avoid dry skin.
  • Both creamy and liquid foundations are used for simple skin.
  • Both kinds of foundation are good for oily skin but there should be no lubrication in the foundations. Foundation cake without lubrication is good for such kind of skin or simple foundation or foundation which is applied on oily skin should be used for mixed skin. Apply moisturizer on your cheeks before the application of foundation. Apply foundation on clean and moisturized skin. Color of the foundation should be according to skin color or some dark from the skin. Apply a little foundation on the forehead, nose, chin, ears and back and front side of the neck. Spread foundation upward, outside, towards jaws, behind the ears, on the eyelids and around the mouth with gentle strokes. Then, spread it all the portions of face and neck. Getting clarity and softness is the main need of the application of foundation. It should be used necessarily if you want to improve your skin and beauty.


          Powder is used as two ways first for sustaining the make up without glow and second for absorption and sustaining the glow throughout the day. Loose powder is very good to sustain the make for long time. One big and clean puff or wad of cotton should be used. Sink it into water and apply all over the face gently with a little pressure. Neither puff should be rubbed nor it should be removed otherwise it will spoil your foundation which has been applied gently. Remove extra powder by brushing with the help of soft brush. You should use the color which resemblances with your skin complexion or it should be colorless like baby powder. Apply powder before applying rouse powder. 


          Rouse should be selected according to lipstick color. If you cannot take rouse of that color, you can use ruse of lipstick. Rouse brings radiance in the eyes and on cheeks. Take some rouse in your finger and rub. Keep on smiling while applying rouse. Apply rouse on three points at the middle region of the smile. Apply rouse inwardly in the direction of eyeball by stretching it in a line with the natural curvature of your cheeks’ bone while you are watching straightly. Apply rouse powder by equalizing to the external region and by lighting is upwardly so that is may touch to the lower eyelids’ corner. All the edges should be mixed in this way with the help of fingers tips so that rouse may mingle with the foundation color. Rouse should be applied gently all the time. It would be better if you don’t use rouse comparison to be look funny. 


Double chin:

          Apply simple foundation on the chin and thereafter apply light shade on the external regions of chin and around the chin.

Slipped chin:

          Apply light colored foundation on the chin. Thereafter, make a line from the pit of chin by applying foundation. Thereafter, apply light colored shade gently. 

Chin which is coming out:

          Apply dark foundation on this kind of chin. Take equal shades of powder.

Pungent chin:

Apply light colored foundation around the tip of nose. It should be a little light than the color which is applied on the face.

Cracked lips:

          Remove cracked skin of the lips with the help of soft towel before the application of towel and then apply a little cold cream or Vasline. Always apply lips glass on the cracked and dry lips to make them smooth.  

In the case of one lip on the other lip:

Increase a little length and breadth of lower lip with the help of lipstick. Fill lipstick on the hanging lip’s edges. 

In the case of thin upper lip:

Make a line on the external region of upper lip to give them a bigger look. Do same with the lower lip too.

Dry lips:

Apply some cold cream or Vaseline before applying lipstick on the lips. Lips become soft and shiny by its use.

Hanging lips:

          Draw a straight line on the corners of lips with lipstick to make hanging lips beautiful.

Small lips:

          Increase lips’ corners with lipstick.

Thin lips:

          If your thin are very thin, upper lip can be increased to some extant from the line. Increase natural line of lower lip downwardly to improve its size. Lower lip should appear good and heavy to some extant.  

Fat lips:

Fill lipstick inside the natural line of lips and apply foundation cream on the remaining region of lips. Thus, fat lips can be given a thin.



          Lipstick is applied on the lips to make them beautiful. Lipstick suits on the lips only when it is applied on the lips properly. For it, you should know how to run brush while applying application on the lips because without this knowledge you cannot give good and attractive look to your lips. Your lipstick color should suit to the dress worn by you. Red colored lipstick appears good on brown, yellow and green dress. Pastel colors of lipstick suit very much with light pink shade. Each woman should have at least three shades so that you can choose lipstick according your dress. Dark shade of lipstick makes you aged. Hence, don’t purchase dark shade of lipstick. A good shade can make you more beautiful and young than before.

Eyes’ make up:

          Eyes of a woman can be made very beautiful. You can do it if you know how eyes are made beautiful. Giving good shape to the eyebrows is necessary to improve the beauty of eyes. Uproot extra hair of the eyebrows to give good shape to the eyebrows. Uprooting extra hair of eyebrows with the help of pincers or thread is an old and good way. Before uprooting eyebrows’ extra hair, drench a cotton wad in ud colon or astringent and pat eyebrows by apply it there. Thereafter, clutch the skin of the eyebrows with the help of pincers. Hold hair from its root with the help of pincers and uproot it with a jerk. Hair should be uprooted from the lower region of real eyebrows not from the up side. Hair between the region of both eyebrows and above the nose bone does not appear good.    

          Uproot such kind of hair. Keep remember that good space between the both eyebrows is necessary for beautiful eyes.  This space should be so much that one another may keep between the both eyebrows. Wrap a ice piece in hanky and rub it on the skin after plucking to avoid from swelling. Rub it gently. Plucking should be done on the every second day if you want to make your eyebrows beautiful very much. If hair of the eyebrows is too small to uproot with the pincers, apply a little foundation on the affected area to hide hair. Bleaching is also helpful to hide such kind of hair.

How to make up eyes:

Eyes which are close by close:

          Apply eye shadow on the upper side of the eyelid and apply it on the upper side of the eyes and external shadow until shadow may become light on the region of nose and eyes and dark on the external regions of them. Thereafter, make a line from the internal corner of eyes and give expansion to it to the external regions with the help of eyebrow pencil.  Join both lines so that it may dark on the external region and light on the internal region like shadow. Increase length between the both eyebrows so that a big difference may appear.

Sunken eyes:

          Apply light colored foundation just above the cavities of both eyes. Foundation should be taken according to skin color. Don’t use eye shadow because its use will make the condition worse of the sunken eyes than before.

Slopping eyes:

          You can give a rising look to the eyes by giving a bend on the eyes and external area of eyes with the help of eyeliner. Apply shadow upwardly. Avoid external regions of eyes while applying eyeliner.

Round eyes:

          A large look can be given to the eyes by increasing the eye shadow to the external corner of eye.

Puffed eyes:

          Use dark shadow on the eyes and it should be applied carefully on the upper portion of the eyelid. Bring it gently to the line of eyebrows.

Small eyes:

          A large look can be given to the small eyes by using two kinds of shadow. Use brown colored shadow near about your eyelids.

Hole under the eyes:

          Apply very thin layer of whiteness of egg under the eyes without shuffling with the help of fingers’ tips. Then, let it dry and thereafter apply make up foundation on it very carefully. The region of lines under the eyes will fill temporarily after drying the whiteness of the egg. Apply oil necessarily after removing the whiteness of egg from the eyes because whiteness of the egg brings dryness after drying. It should not be applied more than three hours.

Blackness under the eyes:

          Try to hide blackness under the eyes by using light foundation in your general make up.

Eye shadow:

          Depth and beauty come in eyes by applying eye shadow in eyes. Eye shadow appears very attractive on the eyes if it suits to the dress worn by you. Always light colored eye shadow should be used during day. Use dark colored shadow in the evening because at this time light soften to the colors. In this situation, dark eye shadow makes a good base for eye shadow. Eye shadow should be applied on the upper eyelid. Close your one eye and then apply some color near it and color should be applied from the inner corner of the eye to the external corner by touching to the upper eyelid. Eye shadow should be light upwardly and it should be jointed under the eyebrows with the help of brush or fingers’ tips. Use very dark colored shadow near the eyelid. For it, two shadows can be used first-dark colored shadow should be applied close to the eyelids because it gives too much glow to the eyes.


Long narrow shaped face:

          Apply rouse from the back portion of the cheek to the line of hair. This will increase the breadth of the face by producing simple effect. Don’t bring rouse to the nose otherwise effect of breadth will disappear. 

Square shaped face:

          If rouse is spread towards the bone of cheek in a triangle shape, it will give an egg shaped to the face.

Empty cheeks:

          Both cheek will appear puff and round if rouse is applied out of the pit instead of pit of cheeks. This process ends the natural shadow which falls on the pit. Thus, cheeks appear puffed and round.

Round shape:

          Keep rouse near about the nose properly. Join it above the eye in a clear long angle to give a long look to the face.

Egg shaped face:

          Make a point in the length of cheek bone under the eyes. Join it up and external side until breadth may disappear completely.


          Apply thick foundation on the ears so that they may not appear completely. Thereafter, put on broad karnful (an ornament for ear) which cover to the ear by holding its external region.


Broad forehead:

          Apply thick foundation on the eyelids, upper portion of the nose and just below to the cheek bone. The face will appear heavy to some extant. 

Small forehead:

          Apply a little foundation on the forehead. The space between eyebrows and hair line will appear big to some extant by doing so.


Wide nose:

          Apply thick foundation on the nose to give thin look to the wide nose. Join foundation just above the nostrils in the direction of nose bone. One shade dark powder than the powder which has been applied on the whole face should be applied on the nose.

Long nose:

          First of all, apply normal foundation on the nose and then apply dark foundation on the tip of the nose and join it upwardly and end it on the front portion of the nose.

Thin nose:

          Apply simple foundation towards the nose bone by moving up and lower direction. One shade dark powder than the powder which has been applied on the whole face should be applied on the nose.

Flat nose:

          Light colored foundation should be applied in straight direction of nose, just above the nose bone and front portion of the nose after the simple application of nose. Then, apply normal foundation on it.


Small and fat neck:

          Dark foundation than the foundation which has been applied on the whole face should be applied on the neck so that neck may look thin.

Long and thin neck:

          Light colored foundation than the foundation which has been applied on the whole face should be applied on such kind of neck. It brings embankment in the neck which avoids neck from a very thin look. 


          Light colored foundation than the real complexion of the skin should be used to give creamy look to the face and to hide flecks. Thereafter, simple face powder should be applied on the face.

Lines due to growing age:

          Apply foundation cream on the skin in a round and external way to hide wrinkles and lines of growing age on the face.

Acnes and spots:

          If you have spots and acnes on the face, acnes and spots can be hided by applying one dark shade of color than the shade of the color which has been applied on the face. Apply this color on this portion and then mix it in the remaining foundation towards the corners. Thereafter, apply simple foundation on the face.   

Tired face:

  • Apply light rouse at the middle of the forehead. Tiredness of the face disappears by doing.
  • Avoidance from the wrinkles:
  • Skin of each person start to fade in old age and wrinkles start to appear on the face. You can avoid from wrinkles to some extant by paying attention about it. Thus, you can make your skin smooth and young for long time by doing so. Dryness of the face is a major cause of wrinkles. Improve your eating habits to make your skin smooth and young. Include one big spoon butter, ghee and oil in your daily diet. Besides, take vitamin ‘A’ and vitamin ‘E’ tablets regularly. Apply vitamin ‘E’ capsule by breaking it on the wrinkled face.
  • It works effectively on the wrinkles. Cleanse your face with milk or cleansing milk in place of soap and water along with good and balanced diet. Heat 3 big spoons milk with any oil which you like most and then cleanse face and neck by drenching a cotton wad in the preparation. It works better than any cleansing milk and thus skin becomes clean. Then, wash off your face and apply some oil on the skin of the face to sustain the humidity of the face. 
  • If there is great deficiency of vitamin ‘A’ in the body and there is flabby flesh on your arms and legs which is not disappearing, you should take vitamin ‘A’ from 2500 to 5000 unit. Dry and crusty skin will become soft and beautiful by doing so as mentioned here. Don’t sit in sunlight for long time because it brings dryness in the skin.  
  • Exercise of face muscles provides lots of relief along with good meal and skin care.  
  • Some essential information about make up:
  • To hide lips’ lipstick, cleanse lips by drenching a cotton wad in cleansing milk. Apply some cream and remove it with the help of cotton wad for eyes’ make up. If lipstick disappears or it spreads after some time, you should apply foundation on the lips and then sprinkle talcum powder. Apply lipstick on the lips after ten minutes. Lipstick stays on the lips for long time. 
  • Apply light compact on the eyelids. Thereafter, apply mascara on them. Eyelids should not stick to each other.
  • Apply collyrium in eyes at night before sleeping. Wash off the face with soap or face wash after getting up in the morning. A different kind of beauty can be seen in your eyes by doing so. Apply dark eyebrow pencil on the light and small eyebrows at night before sleeping. Wash off face in the morning. Eyebrows will become black within some days by doing so.
  • Smile should be present on the face all the time while applying rouse on the face. Rouse can be applied on the proper place by doing so.
  • Spray perfume inside the clothes, behind the armpits and ears. Smell of the perfume stays for long time by doing so.   
  • Make up does not stay for long time on the oily skin. For it, rub a little ice on the face before make up. 
  • Keep a little cotton wad under the eyes while applying mascara. Marks of the mascara will not appear on the face skin. Use one shade dark foundation and compact which resemblances from the skin.
  • If your lips have become black, grind petals of rose flower with milk and apply on the lips regularly. Erase-stick or pan cake should be used to hide cracked and spotty skin. 
  • If you have sunken cheeks, apply light shade on sunken portion. And use dark color on the other portion of cheeks’ skin.
  • Make outline on the lips before applying lipstick on then with the help of brush. You can use pencil in place of brush but you will have to take pencil of which color resemblances to the lipstick.
  • If you are going market and you feel greasy to your face, apply cucumber juice on the face for 30 minutes and then wash off your face. Oiliness of the face will disappear by doing so.
  • Bleach should not be done just after threading because it can be harmful for the face.
  • Cleanse your face with cleansing milk before some time of make up. Drench cotton wad in cleansing milk before use otherwise you will have to take too much cleansing milk because dry cotton absorbs cleansing milk on large scale.
  • If your nose is thick and broad, you should apply one light shade on the nose than the complexion of skin and one dark shade than the complexion of skin should be applied on the both side of the nose. 
  • Apply foundation on the face with the help of wet sponge. Make points on the face. Equalize foundation with the help of sponge.
  • Drier should be kept 8-10 far from the hair while using hair drier. It should not be kept on one place more then 5 to 7 minutes because it can be harmful for hair and skin of the head.
  • Observe minutely whether eyeliner is not too much flexible or soft before using eyeliner. Brush should be thin and pointed.
  • If you want to uproot extra hair of eyebrows, apply talcum powder while using plucker or thread on the eyebrows because you will not suffer from too much pain while doing so.
  • Apply moisturizer in place of foundation before make up on the dry skin. Rub ice piece and then astringent lotion after waxing. Inflammation disappears and there is no fear of allergy and marks on the skin by doing so.
  • Apply sun cream or lotion should be applied on the face necessarily before going in sun light.