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[ M ] Related Medicines:



Milk of Goat

Myrabalan Chebulie

Mint (Podina*)

Mountain Ebony

Megim (Aparajita*)

Marigold (Genda*)

Morinda Citrifolia

Mango Ginger

Mica (Abhrak*)

Malabar Nut

Milk (Doodh*)

Milk Hedge




Monks Hood

Monkey Fruit

Millet (Baajra*)

Male Bamboo

Mexican Tea

Mimosa Cinerea


Myrrh (Bol*)

Marsilea Minuta

Mongara Rice


Malabar Catmint

Magnet (Chumbak*)

Marod Fali*

Mattha Kalpa*

Myrtus Communis

Mokha Fruit

Mother Milk

Maiden Hair

Mace (Javitri*)

Myrua Arenaria

Magacarpea Polyandra

Malabaro Nutmeg

Mollugo Oppogitifolia

Millet (Juaar*)

Macrotomia Benthami

Musk Mallow

Melia Azedarach

Moss(Kaee*) Scum

Musk (Kasturi*)

Mustard Oil

Milk Hedge-Sehund


Momordica Dioica

Momordica Dioica Roaxb

Musk Mallow

Mimusops Hexandra

Mimusops Kauki

Mimusops Hexandra

Musk Jasmine





Maddar Root

Mosambi (Mausami*)

Milk Hedge-khurasani

Mercury (Para)

Mala Fern

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The people who live in the forest (autochthon), they use its bread and dried and parched of horse-bean flour (Bhujia). Introduction:

       Cultivating maize is very simple technique. It has to be cared less still its production is good. Thick bread (Chapatti) is made from maize flour. The people who live in the forest (autochthon), they use its bread and dried and parched of horse-bean flour (Bhujia). Pakode and pakavan are made from maize. By eating toasted corn-ear of maize (bhutta), feel like its seeds delicious. Its seeds are very nutritive. Its puffed maize is very delicious.

Color: It has light yellow color.

Taste: It is sweet, bitter and pungent.

Nature: It is cold in nature.

Precaution:Maize is heavily digestible so the person who is strong and has fast digestive process, the maize is digested early by them. It is harmful to weak digestible people. It makes body veins loose.


Maize is dry and ends phlegm and bile disorders. It increases appetite and sets motions. It also cures bronchitis. Its thick chapattis are heavily digestible and increase gas.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. To get body power: Eating maize provides much benefit to the body. It makes stomach strong and also increases blood quantity.

2. How to make its oil: Rule- Grind fresh and milky seeds of maize and fill into lead bottle and now dry under sunlight. Consequently, drying all milk will fly and only oil will remain in lead bottle. Afterwards, filter this oil and fill into other bottle. Rubbing with this oil on weak children’s feet provides new strength in feet and the child can walk early. Mix one spoon oil and syrup (sarbat) together, drinking it increases body power.

3. Cough, whooping cough and catarrh: Burn the corn-ear of maize and prepare the ash. Mix this ash with rock salt according to taste then give forth spoon of this powder with lukewarm water to the patient four times a day, it provides relief in these diseases.

4. Anuria and Dysuria: Boil fresh corn-ear of maize in water and then filter it. Mix sugar-candy in this preparation and give it to the patient to drink. It ends burning sensation of urine and kidney’s weakness.

5. Tuberculosis: Eating maize’s chapatti is useful to get relief in tuberculosis.

6. Stone:

  • Burn corn-ear of maize and barley to make the ash. Grind both apart and fill into separate bottle. Mix two spoons ash of barley and two spoons ash of ear-corn with water now filter. After that, drink this preparation, it breaks stone and throws out with urine.
  • Burn corn-ear of maize and barley to make the ash. Grind both apart and fill into separate bottle. In the morning, take two spoon of ear-corn ash after mixing it in one cup of water and in the evening, take tow spoon of barely ash after mixing one cup of water, it provides benefit in stone disease.

7. Vomiting: Burn seeds of corn-ear of maize and make the ash. After that, take a little quantity (half milligram) of ash with honey, it prevents vomiting.

8. Whooping Cough: Burn corn-ear seeds of maize in fire and prepare the ash and take 1-2 grams ash with honey twice a day, it cures whopping cough.

9. Cough:

  • Mix corn-ear ash of maize with about ¼ gram coil and about ¼ gram black salt. Mix honey also with this preparation and take twice a day regularly. It cures whooping cough.
  • Burn corn-ear of maize and prepare the ash. Mix a little black salt with this ash and give half spoon with hot water to the patient. It provides relief in cough.

10. Catarrh: Burn corn-ear of maize completely and make the ash. Mix this ash with black salt according to taste. Taking this preparation four times a day is useful to cure catarrh.

11. Urine Diseases: Boil about 30 grams golden hair of maize with 250 ml water until it remains 60 ml then put down and make it cold. Drinking it brings urine easily.

12. Kidney Diseases: Boil twenty grams corn-ear hair of maize with 200 ml water until remain 100 ml water then put down and filter. Drinking it cures kidney diseases.

13. Leucorrhoea: Taking ash of maize hair with honey provides relief.

14. Heart Weakness: Burn roll of maize seed and grind it to make the ash and take half grams of this ash with fresh butter, it ends heart weakness.