Mahaveera Asana



          This asana is also called ‘Maruti Asana’. The body shape becomes like Hanuman (Mahaveer) while doing the practice of this asana, so it is called Mahaveera Asana.


          The practice of this asana should be done on a calm and clean place. For the first practice, stand straight. Now, bring your left leg 1.5 to 2ft back and keep the tiptoes on the floor after that bend your right leg from the knee and bring forward and keep the heel and tiptoe on the floor. After that, keep the fist 8-10 inches far from the chest in the front side and make the veins and nerves of the throat tight. Take breath and heave the stomach and then exhale slowly. Continue the process of inhaling and exhaling for two minutes in this condition. The body should be kept straight in this position. Bring the both feet in the normal position by living two minutes in this condition and then take rest for one minute. Repeat this activity by changing the legs. Do this activity 4 times by changing the legs.


          The practice of this asana keeps the body healthy. It makes the chest width and strong and is useful to increase height. This asana makes the hand and feet strong and ends curvature of the hand and feet. It purifies the blood and makes the blood circulation fast because of which energy originates in the body very much. It keeps the mind happy and fits the digestive system. It is also useful in increasing appetite and reducing excessive sleep. The practice of this asana makes the muscles of the arms and thighs strong. It reduces the fat gathering near about the stomach and cures obesity (fatness). This asana makes the air chamber of the throat, pharynx and lungs strong. It generates strength, patience and bravery in a person. This asana is also very useful for the women. It makes the abdominal region bones flexible and reduces pain, which occurs while delivery. The practice of this asana makes the spinal cord strong and ends waist pain.