In this disease, the body skin and the mucus membrane of eyes of the sufferer start changing into yellow appearance. Due to this disease, normal obstruction persists in the bilious tube, due to which the bile secreting by the liver and gall bladder did not able to reach inside the intestines. In this disease, yellowness starts appearing on the nails, face, neck, mucus membrane of the eyes and lips of the patient. The patient’s urine is become deep yellow and left marks if its drops fall down on clothe. The stools of the patient also start becoming as yellow and give foul smell due to excessiveness of fat acids inside the body. The patient can complaint about low fever, constipation or loose motions in this disease.        

There are many reasons and types of this disease-

Cholestatic Jaundice- This type of jaundice occurs due to obstruction in biliary passages (bilious tubes) by stones, inflammation of the bilious tubes or entering any insects inside the duodenum by any way or any type of tumors, etc.

Hemolytic Jaundice- This type of jaundice occurs due to decomposition of RBCs.

Jaundice of the Newborn- This type of jaundice occurs in small children due to decomposition of RBCs, which is also known as infantile jaundice.

Poisonous Jaundice- When jaundice occurs due to any type of bacteria or chemical substances, it is called poisonous jaundice.

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

         A powerful magnet should be used on the patient’s soles as well as he/she should drink magnetized water thrice a day as a dose of medicine. The patient should never take liquor (wine) even in little quantity, but sugar and shwetsaric eatables should be taken abundantly.