Conjunctivitis means the inflammation of the mucus membrane of the eyes that keeps the cornea and the internal parts of eyelids as covered. This disease is called by other names too like- pain in the eyes, flowing water from the eyes, etc. it occurs mostly in children, because they go on playing in dust and soil.     


        The patient of this disease feels itching sensation in his/her eyes and the patient’s eyes are fallen red. It is a type of very infection disease. In this disease, water goes on coming out from the eyes and later this type of water is changed into pus due to which the eyelids are stuck with each other along with itching sensation in the eyes. Swelling is come around the eyes. This type of condition found in small children is called infantile conjunctivitis.


        When the eyes of a person are exposed with bright light and dust particles are entered inside his/her eyes, this disease is occurred. there are many more reasons of this disease too like- using towel, spectacles and any other things related to other people, playing and living of the children in dirty place, falling bright light on the eyes, exposing the eyes with sunlight, etc.

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

        On the closed eyes of suffered person, the north pole of ceramic magnet should be used. If both the eyes are affected from this disease, the north poles of two pieces of ceramic magnets should be used on each of the eyes. This type of treatment should be done in the morning, and in the evening, the north pole of powerful magnet should be used on the acupuncture point St-1. The eyes should be also washed with North Pole water.   

Other treatment-

        The patient should wash his/her eyes with fresh and clean water and should make arrangement of net on the doors and windows of his/her house so that flies could not come inside the house. This disease is mostly communicated by flies, so be careful about the cleanliness of house. The patient should eat nutritive foods and take eatables having vitamin ‘A’ and ‘C’ in rich quantity. He/she should take leafy vegetables, salad (lettuce), fresh fruits and mango abundantly. In this disease, the patient can drip rose water in his/her eyes as drops of medicine.