Blood pressure



        When blood circulates (runs) with normal pressure in blood vessels, it is called blood pressure. Well, normal pressure of blood is good for the body. Actually, both the conditions- low blood pressure and high blood pressure can be found in human body and both of them are harmful for body. Due to high blood pressure, pain starts in head and tinkling starts feeling in the hands and legs while in case of low blood pressure, the hands and legs start becoming insensitive and body balance starts becoming unbalance.  


        There are several reasons of this disease like- excessive mental stress, fearing all the time, avoiding physical work, complaints of indigestion, working hard, etc. the cholesterol found in eggs, ghee, butter or fat is blocked arteries and arterioles, due to which blood pressure is increased in these arteries and the flexibility of the blood vessels is decreased due to toughness. As a result of it, the blood starts circulating rapidly inside the arteries. In old age too, the flexibility is decreased in the arteries and blood pressure is increased due to which one is suffered from high blood pressure.

        Low blood pressure occurs due to additional bleeding or over weakness or hopelessness.   

Treatment of blood pressure through magneto therapy-

        A pair of powerful magnet should be used on the palms and soles of the suffered person as well as he/she should drink magnetized water too thrice a day as a dose of medicine. This type of treatment should be followed (done) for a month. It is very effective for the patient.