Magnetized water


       We know that magnetism affects zinc, nickel and iron and known as paramagnetic, anti-magnetic and magnetic iron respectively. These substances are being affected from attraction and repulsion of the magnet. When magnetic substances are kept in between magnet and electric device, no any type of obstruction takes place in their magnetic power. All the parts of human body like- skin, blood vessels, fat and nerves, etc. are affected not only from electricity and magnet, but affected also by magnetic substances and all types of magnet. Like this water and other types of liquids are come in the category of paramagnetic substances and affected by the magnet after lots of changes.  

        We know that about 70% to 80% of our body is water and according to magneto therapists, this miracle liquid (water) needed for different functions and movements of the body can be used to cure diseases.

        Magnetized water is entered inside the stomach and then distributed in the tissues of entire body through blood vessels with its ailing property and treats diseases. It also acts to purify blood and removes out wastes products from the body in the form of urine.

        According to a scientist named Bylore, magnetized water dissolves cholesterol accumulated inside the arteries in itself slowly and removes out from the body resulting the ability of blood circulation is improved. 

        Many years ago, few scientists of Russia and America had done experiments to magnetized water and found that extra affects of magnet occurs in water and this magnetized water could be used for curing various types of diseases.

        In many countries like- India, America, Russia and France, etc., there are such waterfalls found which have magnetic power (magnetism) in their water and the water of such waterfalls have the ability to cure many types of diseases like- gout, obesity and many urinary diseases. In many places of France, the water of such waterfalls is sold after filling in bottles and this water is used like other mineral waters. According to the scientists, it is said that there is such a source from which the water of this waterfall is magnetized. The water of such waterfalls is become to treat many diseases. According to various informers, it is also believed that many people go to these waterfalls for treating their diseases.     

        The water magnetized by magnetism, is called magnetized water. In many hospitals of India and Russia, magnetized water is used to dissolve kidney’s stone.

Methods for making magnetized water (magnetization of water)-

        Magnetization of water is very easy and magnetized water is also very effective in different diseases. for this purpose, first of all two bottles of glass or two jugs of glass should be taken with lids (caps) and two pairs of magnets having 2000 gauss of strength should be taken. Then, the bottles or jugs should be filled with drinking lukewarm or cold water and closed their lids tightly then either the two bottles or jugs should be kept on the north and south poles respectively up to 12 hours. Magnetism is entered inside the water passed through glass. Now, mix the water of both the bottles together and the water of both these bottles should be used differently according the diseases.

Figure for making the water magnetized-

        In case of urinary diseases, when urine is coming with difficulty and as scanty, the water of both the bottles should be taken after mixing together and the water magnetized on the North Pole should be used in other urinary diseases like- typhoid or other infectious diseases. This magnetized water can be kept inside a room for 5-6 days and in the refrigerator up to 10 days.

Dose of magnetized water-

        A healthy human can use about 50 ml of the magnetized water as a dose thrice a day and an old person can also take this water as a dose of 50 ml, but in case of children diseases, this dose can be decreased to 25 ml and can give thrice or more times a day. For washing eyes and matured wounds, any quantity of magnetized water can be used.

        As like water is magnetized as beer, wine and milk can also be magnetized in glass container. But, these liquids should be kept on the magnet maximum for half an hour, because there is no need of keeping these liquids in contact of the magnet for long time.

Use of other magnetized liquids-

        In addition to water, different types of oils like- sesamum oil, coconut oil and mustard oil can be magnetized for various purposes like- to cure skin diseases, hairs related problems, dryness and crackling of the skin or wounds. Rose water can be magnetized too. For this purpose, the water is filled in a glass bottle and keeps on the north and south poles for 12 hours after closing it tightly. This rose water (magnetized) can be used as medicine in cases of conjunctivitis and eyes pain.  

Normal healer affects of magnetized water-

        Magnetized water can be used in different types of diseases. The diseases which are not treated with other treatment systems can be treated easily through magnetized water. The magnetized water has lots of healing properties and it also prevents various types of diseases.

        The diseases which are cured by the affects of healing properties of magnetized water are- diseases related to urinary systems, digestive systems and circulatory systems. The magnetized water does not correct only the secretions of different types of digestive juices, but also helps in conserving different types of nutritive elements found in it. This water also improves blood circulation and urinary systems. The magnetized water dissolves different types of stones and salts of our body and then removes out from the body in the form of urine and sweat. The magnetized water improves kidney’s functions.

        The magnetized water also acts on various types of infectious diseases effectively resulting the infectious diseases are to be cured. Sometimes, it is surprising to see that how this normal water (magnetized water) cures many diseases? While various types of treatment systems are not able to cure these diseases easily.          

        Today, lots of examples are found in this world in which several types of diseases can be treated easily with the help of natural herbs. The magnet too acts like the herbs given by the natural. This magneto therapy has made the modern treatment systems too easy. In ancient time, many diseases were take long time in recovering, but today these diseases are treated within less time through magneto therapy.  

        Today, the proverb has been seeing as true that the God (nature) has made an active power (medicinal power) for destroying each of inactive power (disease) affecting the entire animals kingdom. In any disease and the entire body, the quantity of water is more than other substances which is converted in to magnetized form for destroying inactive power (disease) completely according to natural principle.  

        Besides Russia and India, other countries like America and Japan have also believed in the affects of magnetized water on different diseases and have also start using it on various diseases.