The patient suffering from this disease does not able to sleep at night.


      There can be several reasons of this disease in human like- lack of fresh air, doing heavy work, taking additional quantity of tea and coffee, disturbed mind, doing too much mental works, etc. this disease can be also occurred due to many other diseases like- chest related diseases, heart diseases, physical unhealthiness, etc.

Treatment of insomnia through magneto therapy-

        The patient suffering from this disease should use South Pole magnet (ceramic magnet) on his/her forehead before half an hour to going to the bed along with magnetized water should be also taken. 

Other treatment to eliminate insomnia-

        To eliminate insomnia, the patient should make arrangement for proper circulation of air in his/her bed room and he/she should take exercise regularly. Light and easily digestible foods should be taken. Drinking a glass of milk after adding honey in it is also very helpful in sound sleep.

Note- the patient should never use tables or any other drugs for sleeping.