Magnetic properties


          When we keep a magnet rod on small pieces of iron, we find that these small pieces have attracted to each other from one to another end of iron rod and these pieces have no equal correlation. In the other words, these pieces will be stuck somewhere less and somewhere more and two such position will be appeared where more pieces are found as stuck. Both the two places where more pieces are stuck are called magnetic poles. Example- 

         When a piece of rod magnet is hanged down freely after tying with a thread, it is turned in north-south direction. The end of this magnet towards north direction is called North Pole of the magnet and the other end towards sought direction is called South Pole of the magnet. It is natural truth that north and south poles are found in all the magnets found on this earth. Now, we have been known about magnetic force of attraction, but when we think on the affects of attraction forces of a magnet fallen on another magnet, we find that a type of another force named repulsion also fall on each other. It has also observed by experiments done by scientist that similar poles of any two magnets repulse each other. Thus, we can say that the south pole of a magnet acts like repulsion against similar pole of another magnet. Like this, the north pole of a magnet repulses the north pole of another magnet. But when two different poles i.e. south and north are brought closer, they attract to each other.