Magnesia sulphurica



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Magnesia sulphurica is an excellent remedy for curing skin diseases, gynecology and problems of the urinary systems. This medicine is very useful for curing many types of other diseases too. 

Useful in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Magnesia sulphurica should be given to the woman who suffers from eyes inflammation, tinnitus, giddiness and feeling of head heaviness during menstrual secretion. It cures above symptoms quickly.    

Stomach related symptoms:

Magnesia sulphurica is used for checking the problems of frequent belching, mouth taste like rotten eggs during belching and watery mouth.

Urine related symptoms:

Magnesia sulphurica is the great remedy in the cases of inflammation with pain of the urethra mouth like pricking-needle after urination, strangury, green and clear urination and excessive urination in the morning which is dirty and with sediments. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Gynecology related symptoms:

Magnesia sulphurica is a beneficial drug in the cases of excessive discharge of fluid like white water along with affixing of sticky martial in the thighs and the lower portion of the back, pain like tiredness due to walking here and there, early menses and scanty menstrual flow. Although, the woman suffers from little bleeding from the vagina during menstruations, but during disease, she suffers from profuse bleeding in black appearance, thick.

Symptoms-related to the neck and throat:

The woman suffers from pain in the middle portion of her shoulders like wounds and crushing along with the feeling as if something round has fist in the suffered part by that crop of, she is not able to lie on her back or any side and gets relief by rubbing the back with anything. The woman suffers from intensive pain in the lower part of her back as if it has crushed. Giving Magnesia sulphurica to the suffered patient provides quick relief.   

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

Magnesia sulphurica can be used for checking the problems of numbness of the feet and the left arm due to lying on the bed and seeming of above symptoms even after getting up in the morning.

Skin related symptoms:

Magnesia sulphurica drug should be used for curing problems of small pimples on the skin having violent itch, suppressed itching, warts, swelling in any parts of the body due to blocking water and feeling as if something is crawling in the fingers’ extreme of the left hand and gets relief by rubbing. Mixed liquid of Magnesia sulphurica should be used externally for curing erysipelas.   

Fever related symptoms:

Magnesia sulphurica is used in the cases of back shivering, feeling of coldness at 9 to 10 O’clock in the morning and feeling of coldness in one part and warmth in another part. It provides quick relief from the above symptoms.


Mix little Magne-salphu in the injection of Morphine and then should be given to the sufferer. It increases 50 to 100 percent effect of Morphine injection. 


Mix 2 to 4 teaspoons Magnesia sulphurica with a glass of lukewarm water. Drinking this mixture provides relief from pain of gallstone slowly. Magnesia sulphurica drug is used in the cases of loose motions with pain and retching. It acts lightly on the intestinal parietals by that crop of, exudation increases in the intestines and appears symptoms related with the intestines puffing and diarrhoea. It creates little burning sensation in the intestines or not. Magnesia sulphurica is a purgative medicine like other salts (Lavan). It is used with medicines for ending (killing) the worms in Parad upsarg. This medicine is used in the situation of venom products. Taking Epsom salt with lukewarm water acts better and taking it in the morning acts rapidly. This medicine is also used for curing any types of swelling in the cells.     


Pure salt (Lavan) of Magnesia sulphurica should be used in 3rd potency for curing symptoms of diseases. Mix Magnesia sulphurica with water in the ratio of 1:4 and it should be used spatially. It cures erysipelas, testicles swelling, blood poisoning and boils.