Magical quality and strength of mud



          Qualities of mud are as great as it is considered bagatelle and it is found easily. Qualities of mud have been given below.


  • Nothing in this whole world is as good as earth (mud) to end the foul smell. This is the reason that houses are daubed with mud and use mud on the dirty places. Foul smell disappears if rotten and decayed things are buried in the earth. Dirty hands are washed with mud too. Filth of anus is cleaned with the earth too. Human beings are buried in the earth after death to avoid the foul smell of dead body. People evacuate stool on the earth, the stool is converted into good, pretty earth without smell by the earth within a few hours.       
  • Earth has the capacity to absorb the warmth and cold. This is the reason that saint and mendicant cover the layers of mud all over the body. They remain far from the impact of fierce sunlight and bitter cold because of this.
  • Earth has miraculous power to cleanse the water. This is the reason that water of river, ponds and lakes is always clean. Generally, sand and earth are used to cleanse the water.
  • Earth has a great power to dissolve to the toxic substance from the body. If there is any kind of dangerous boil on the body, apply packs of mud on the boil. This mudpack maturates to the boil because of its dissolving.
  • The earth has magical power to end the poison. Application of mud provides relief in the poison of snake, scorpion and other insects.  
  • Earth has capacity to absorb water and all the minerals. Sea, river, ponds, etc is situated on the earth.
  • Earth has the power to produce different kinds of juices in foodstuffs which are essential to pass life.
  • Earth reduces the movement of water. Water of floods is stopped by making dam.
  • Earth quenches the fire and stops to forward it. The fire is quenched by throwing earth. 
  • Earth can reduce the velocity of wind too. This is the reason that mud houses remain unaffected in storm. 
  • Different kinds of shapes can be given to the mud. Mud houses, earthen pots and pitchers are the examples of this kind. 
  • Earth can send the movement of air into the sky. Several kinds of particles are present in the atmosphere.
  • As the whole world is made of earth in the same way same the earth absorbs into her womb at last. Here it means to say that earth has the power to produce everything and to absorb everything.
  • Earth has great medicinal power for the treatment of diseases because it has a chemical mixture of all the things in this world. Whereas, any medicine or mixture of medicines can not has such kind of chemical mixture as earth has. 


          All biological forces become vain because this element viz they are not able to do any work. Hence, excessive strength is essential to make those forces able to do work. Fat people, heavy weight people are the example of it. Such kinds of people remain always tension free. They have no desire to get anything. They try to run away from labour in life. Their life becomes lazy. When these elements in people become affected from any disease, they become selfish and take the pleasure of selfishness.