Lyssin (saliva of a rabid dog) - lyss.




Lyssin is made from the saliva of mad dog. The impact of this drug is very effective, prolonged, sustained and remains fixed.

If the troubles of the patient are aggravated by seeing boiling water and flowing water like- fear by looking at water, insanity caused by biting of mad dog, use of Lyssin is advantageous to cure the patient suffering from such symptoms.

If the patient is not able to tolerate sunlight, Lyssin should be used for the treatment of such patients.

When an animal is not mad and bite someone, Lyssin should be used to eliminate its poison.

Use of Lyssin in the symptoms associated with different organs    of     the body:-

Headache-related symptoms:

If a person is bitten by a dog, it does not matter that he is mad or not, but if he has symptoms like: headache due to working hard and enthusiasm, by the sound of flowing water or by bright light, etc., use of Lyssin is very effective to cure the disease of the patient suffering from such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with cramping:

In this case, the patient has cramping due to water, reflection of the mirror, shaded light, thinking about liquid material like water, just to touch or even get blow of wind etc; the patient suffering from such symptoms have difficulty in swallowing water or liquid materials, willing to swallow again and again and remains neck pain too. Thus, use of Lyssin is beneficial to cure the disease of the patient.

Sex-related symptoms:-

In this case, the patient feels more excitement and increasing trouble after hearing sad news, wound turned blue, feeling more problems due to over sexual desire, occurring many types of diseases by avoiding sexual desire, etc. if a person has any symptoms of this type, we should use Lyssin to cure his diseases resulting disease is cured. We can also treat such patient by the use of Conayam.

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

If a woman has been suffering from coming out of the upper membrane of the uterus from the vagina for many years, using Lyssin is advantageous to cure her symptoms. It is also beneficial to use Lyssin to cure a woman who feels as if her vagina has become more sensitive and feeling more troubles during sexual intercourse with man by that crop of, these problems of a woman are cured and she does not have any problem about sex with man.

Leucorrhoea-related symptoms:-

Use of Lyssin is beneficial to cure a woman suffering from severe leucorrhoea and secretion is hanging parallel to the legs.


We can compare some characteristics of drugs like- Cantharis, Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Lachesis, Stramonium, etc. with Lyssin.

Aggravation:- -
 Symptoms of diseases are aggravated by seeing water or its sound, by the effects of bright or dazzling light, while traveling in the vehicles, by bending, by sunlight (heats), by just a touch, by the blow of wind and electric fan, due to moist air, due to heat, etc.


Neck pain is ameliorated by bending the head backward; headache in cold air. Symptoms of diseases start ameliorating by steam or hot water.

Quantity   (dose):-

Mother tincture of Lyssin should be used to fix the symptoms of diseases.