In the condition of falling the nervous systems as cold, this drug acts the best when the patient feels nausea, dizziness and headache due to worry at night etc.

Lupulus-Humulus should be used to cure infantile jaundice resulting disease gets well.

Lupulus–Humulus is also used to cure various symptoms which are as follows- urethral inflammation; expansion of the muscles; nerves pulsation; sleepy (heavy) eyes like alcoholics (drunk) and crazy (madness) situation; unconscious problem with head giddy; pulse rate becomes slow; profuse sweating; sticky and oily skin etc.

Use of Lupulus-humulus in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

Lupulus-humulus should be used to cure a person who feels sleeplessness (insomnia); more excitement; headaches with dizziness as well as strain and throbbing in every muscle etc.

Symptoms related with sleep:  

Use of Lupulus-humulus is beneficial to cure a person suffering from sound sleep in day.

Symptoms related to Male disease:

If the patient feels pain in his penis with feeling of weakness about sex; night fall due to masturbation habits; coming sperm with urine etc., thus if a person has any symptoms of this type, using Lupulus Humulus is beneficial.

Skin disease related symptoms:

Use of Lupulus Humulus is appropriate to cure the patient suffering from wounds caused by scarlet fever; feeling as if worms are crawling under the skin; torn (chapped) skin by which scabs remove etc.

Relations: -

We can compare some characteristics of drugs like- Nux, Artica and Cannabi with Lupulus-Humulus.

Anti-miasmatic medicine: -

Vinegar and Kafia are used to remove the harmful effects of Lupulus-Humulus.

Quantity (dose): -

Mother tincture to 3rd potency of Lupulus-Humulus should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases.