Lumbago (backache)




The waist of a person has two parts, first- from the place of the waist where ribs of the spinal cord are ended, which is called ‘Smoll of the Back’ and second- the section below it, which is called ‘Lumbar Regaun’. Pain of the upper section is called lumbago and pain of the lower section is called hip pain. Lumbago is a common disease. At present, it occurs in most of the people especially in women. As a result of it; not much but having difficulty takes place in daily routine work.               


This disease often occurs due to exposure to cold, wetting much in the water, lifting heavy weight, etc.


  • In the condition of lumbago, pain begins with stiffness in the spinal cord (back bone).
  • If the patient does not work physically, fast pain begins in the upper or lower section of his neck bone or back bone (spinal cord).

Use of different drugs in all types of lumbago (waist pain):-

Ameliorating lumbago by movement:-


Rhus-tox is known to be wonderful (miracle) drug for lumbago. This drug acts better on the muscles of waist. If the patient goes on sitting on place for a long time, backache is aggravated, but ameliorated by movement. This drug acts deeply in the muscles of the waist.

Calcarea fluor-

In the case of lumbago, Calcare is considered as very effective drug after Rhus-tox. This drug is also works on such symptoms in which pain is ameliorated by movement. 3x potency of this drug is very useful.

Argentum Nitricum-

When a person stands up after sitting in the same posture for a long time, he feels pain which is ameliorated by movement. His legs start trembling, feeling weakness in them and he feels hurry ness (throbbing) in the legs. Patient feels as if he has completed a long journery. Giving Argentum Nitricum 3 or 30 is beneficial in such symptoms.  

Zincum Metallicum-

If the patient feels pain in the lower section of his spinal cord (back bone), if the patient sits suddenly after standing in the same posture for a long time, back pain starts, patient gets relief from such by movement, he goes on moving his legs due to burning sensation in the spinal cord, he feels as if worms are crawling in his legs, etc., giving Zincum Metallicum is beneficial.


Pain is aggravated as soon as he goes to the bed at night and ameliorated by movement. If the patient bends himself (bowing), stretching occurs in his waist with fast pain. Occurring pain in the lower bone of the spinal cord, he has to walk with bending position (posture) due to it. Therefore, giving Sulphur 30 or 200 is very useful.  


If crackling occurs on the lower section of the spinal cord (back bone) due to which, the patient is neither able to walk nor able to bend (bow), giving Aesculus 3 is very useful.

Berberis Vulgaris-

In the light pain of the back, giving 5 drops of the juice of Berberis 2 times a day is beneficial.  

Symptoms of lumbago due to any type of movement:-


If the patient goes on taking rest at home, he gets relief from back pain, but pain starts again just after movement, Bryonia is very useful in such symptos of the patient. Besides it, giving Bryonia 30 or 200 is beneficial in cold natured patient or in the condition of aggravating arthritis pain occurring by any movement.


Most of the symptoms of Kali-carb are as same as the symptoms of Bryonia. Giving Kali-carb is better in the condition of aggravating back pain by little movement.

Besides it, if the patient feels pulse beat in the lower section of the back in the morning that occurs in all the parts of the body and is stopped after taking rest, giving Kali-carb 30 or 200 is beneficial is such symptoms of the patient.

Besides all these symptoms, if lumbago patient feels waist pain, weakness and sweating, etc. at the same time, if pregnant woman feels pain and weakness in the waist due to which, she is unable to walk and move. No any drugs are better than Kali-carb.


If lumbago patient lies down on any hard things (surface) or any type of pressure on the back, he gets relief. Pain starts in the back as if his back has broken and all the section of the back have stop functioning just like happened in the case of paralysis. Giving Natrum-mur 12, 30 or 200 is beneficial.  


Backache starts after taking meals just like happened due to tiredness. When patient sits on the ground, fast pain starts in all the section of his hip, patient feels vomiting by a little movement, he feels too much cold, sticky sweat begins; he feels a heavy weight on the lower section of the back. Therefore, Antim-tart 3x, 30 or 200 should be given.

Pain of any section of the waist:-


If pain occurs in the corner of phalkasthi below the right shoulder, pain is moved to the lower section of the back through liver and stomach, giving the juice of Chelidonium or its 3 or 6 potency is beneficial.


If mild pain starts in the corner of phlkasthi below the right shoulder especially in the section near the spinal cord, taking Chenopodium 3 is very useful.


If pain occurs inside the phalkasthi situated on the left side of the spinal cord, giving the juice of Lobelia or its 30 potency is better.


If pain starts in the whole section of hip and waist, taking one dose of Rhus-tox 30 for 3-4 days cures disease.


If pain occurs in the bone of the anus, Sulphur 30 should be taken.

Reasons of lumbago:-

If back pain occurs due to over physical work or any type of injury in the waist, giving Arnica 30 or 200 is very useful.

Actaea Racemosa (Cimicifuga)-

If pain is due to any type of troubles of the uterus, giving Actaea Racemosa (Cimicifuga) 3 or 30 is beneficial.

Calcarea phos or China-

If pain is caused by any chronic disease, Calcarea phos 3x or 30 or China juice or its 30 potency should be given.

Phosphoric acid-

If the patient feels mental tiredness due to doing over mental work, he feels heavy head with the tiredness of all the body parts by doing even little mental work or by doing reading and writing works, feels in the section of the waist as if worms are crawling, becoming the legs weak, discharging of sperms by itself while excretion, becoming the reproductive organs loose, etc., giving Phosphoric acid 1 is very useful.


Phosphorus is very effective in the mental tiredness. Vertigo generates due to fast blood circulation in the head. Patient feels as if a lot of worms have been crawling. Outer senses become unbearable for the patient like- too much noises, hard fragrance or smell, high tone voices, etc. Patient feels waist pain as if his waist has fractured. He feels fast burning sensation in his spinal cord and gets relief by rubbing it. Sexual excitement is decreased. Therefore, Phosphorus 30 or 200 should be given.


If the patient feels back pain due to exposure to cold air as if strain has occurred in it, giving Aconite 30 or 200 is very useful.


If the patient neck becomes curve due to cold air, feels backache, his body organs become insensitive, etc., Dulkamara 30 should be given. 


  • The lumbago patient should sleep always on the hard bed.
  • The patient should straight his body always while working whether he has been sitting, standing or pressing the clothes, etc.
  • If the patient sits on the chair or drives, he should put a small pillow under the lower section of the back.
  • The patient should not lift much heavy things.
  • If the patient wants to take any things from ground, he should not bend himself much, bend only his knee.
  • He should take light exercise daily according to a doctor.
  • He must massage the back slowly minimum once in a week.
  • The patient should avoid tension and concentrate in Yogasan.
  • Calcium and Vitamins should be taken in his diet in an appropriate amount.


  • The patient should massage the affected part with tarpine oil in the initial stage of this disease.
  • In the chronic stage of this disease, tying cotton belt is beneficial.