Luffa amara




Luffa Amara is use to cure a person suffering from spleen diseases with fever and disordering of the blood circulation in the liver. This drug is used to provide strength (energy) in the body.

Use of Luffa Amara in various symptoms:

Symptoms associated with Mood (mind):

Use of Luffa Amara is very effective to cure a person who feels fear and his body becomes weak, suffers from diseases related to the liver and spleen, etc.

Mouth-related symptoms:

Luffa Amara should be used to cure symptoms of the patient who feels dry mouth, excessive thirst and bitter taste, etc.

Symptoms associated with stool and vomiting:

If a person is suffering from watery (liquid) stool, vomiting of rice water after every fifteen minutes, sometimes he feels vomiting like biles or sometimes like cough after every half an hour, sometimes patient suffers from both diarrhea, vomiting at the same time, etc., using Luffa Amara is very effective to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

In this case, the patient feels burning sensation in the entire body, sometimes he feels cold; pulse becomes weak, feeling cold by sweat, etc.

Quantity (dose):

Luffa Amara should be used as mother tincture, 3x, 6x potencies to cure the symptoms of diseases.