Love Marriage


young generation studying in colleges considers that custom of marriage in India is not apt. here marriage is settled down by parents.Nowadays, young generation youths studying in colleges consider that custom of marriage in India is not apt. Here marriage is settled by parents. Whereas in foreign, both girls and boys select their life partners themselves. This kind of marriage is called love marriage or courtship.   

First, we should try to know what the courtship is. In European countries, both girl and boy able for marriage and know the meaning of marriage start to meet to each other without considering religion, caste and other things. Such boys and girls meet to each other if there is resemblance in their nature. They go for cinema and play altogether. Both boy and girl go at each other’s house without obstruction. They try to know each other’s nature and attitude. Both girl and boy keep on increasing love and affection continuously. Everything comes in the boundary of courtship. If they are happy and satisfy to each other, they get married whether parents are consent or not. It is called marriage through courtship.    

Both kinds of marriage have fault and one can avoid from such faults in this way as mentioned below.

If parents are ready to marry their boys or girls, they should ask to their sons and daughters whether they are consent or not with the marriage. They should ask to their sons and daughters to tell if there is a fault in their choice. Parent should pay attention if their sons and daughters tell any fault. Similarly, if boy and girl want to marry each other, they should inform their parents about the marriage. They should request to their parents for inquiry of their choice.    

Foreign customs and traditions are very attractive outwardly but young generation does not think that they should not keep their parent into darkness in the respect of marriage. Doing so is very harmful for the couple. They have a short span of experience comparison to their parents. Besides it, young boys and girls attract to each other by seeing physical beauty and sweet gossip. These are the ways to attract to each other of young generation. Some hidden things are not seen by young generation. Both young boys and girls explain their good habits and good things of their families during courtship. Both try to hide their faults.

Family, property, nature, health, extravagance, misery, eating-habits, education, thinking, respect, popularity are some important aspects which should be observed by the parents and elder brothers and sisters. Such things can be observed only by the parents deeply not by young boys and girls.  

Family background of boys and girls should be assayed by parents. Often, such things are ignored by new generation and they get married according to their wish.

After marriage, when both husband and wife start to live altogether and several responsibilities fall on their shoulders, all the hidden things of one another come on the surface. A veil removes from the artificiality of each other’s character and family status.

Then, it clears that nature and quality of both husband and wife are different to each other.