Long Zedoary



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       Long zedoary is a wild plant which is found in forests. Its plants are 30 to 60 centimeters high. Its leaves are like the turmeric. The tuber-root is obtained from its root. Its root is fragrant which is called “Long zedoary”. It destroys the worms and enhances digestion power.

Name in different languages:

English        -      Long zedoary

Sanskrit      -      Karchur, Vedhmukhya, Dravid, Shati

Hindi           -      Kachur

Bengali       -      Karchur

Marathi       -      Kachora

Gujrati         -      Kachuraa

Persian       -      Jarnvad

Latin            -      Caurcuma jermelit

Colour: Long zedoary is brown.

Taste: It is pungent, bitter and fragrant.

Structure: The plants of long zedoary are like turmeric. Its root has tuber like turmeric which are used after drying. Long zedoary has three kinds- Male, Female and Big.

NatureIt is hot by nature.

Precautions: Over quantity of long zedoary may be the cause of headache and disturbances in the blood caused by bile.

Removing side effects: Coriander is used to remove the all side effects of long zedoary.

Comparison: Long zedoary can be compared with fig tree and Ginger.

Dosage: It should be taken in the quantity of 3 grams.


Long zedoary increases appetite and eliminates stomach gas. It is useful for the treatment of leprosy, piles, boils, pimples, wounds, asthma and cough. It brings the phlegm out and destroys stomach worms. Mix rock salt and ghee with long zedoary. Rub this mixture on the body. Its use gets rid of bone’s fever pain of the body.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Heaviness of the stomach: Grind long zedoary and aloe vera 10 grams each with rose water and filter it. Make tablets equal to gram of this mixture and dry them in shadow. Take 1 to 2 tablets with warm water before sleeping at night. Its use makes the stomach light.

2. Leucorrhoea: Take powder of long zedoary twice a day. Its use gets rid of leucorrhoea

3. Testicles swelling : Make a paste by mixing 20 grams powder of long zedoary with water. Heat this paste slightly and apply it on the testicles. Its use reduces testicles’ swelling, which appears in winter season caused by cold.
4. Cough : Suck the piece of long zedoary regularly. Its use stops cough and ends irritation of the throat.
5. Loose motions : The patient of loose motions should take sabji of long zedoary. Its use stops loose motions.
6. Offensive smell of the mouth : Chew long zedoary to remove offensive smell of the mouth and breath. It is a mouth freshener and keeps the mouth fresh.
7. Hematuria : Take the powder of long zedoary twice a day. Its use gets rid of hematuria and other urinary problems.
8. Hurt (injury) :

  • Make a decoction by boiling long zedoary, small pepper and cinnamon together. Mix honey in this decoction and drink. Its use provides relief in hurt, sprain and pain caused by other reasons.
  • Make a paste by grinding long zedoary, small pepper and cinnamon together. Apply this paste on the affected part. This application provides relief in hurt, sprain and pain caused by any reason.

9. Indigestion : Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of long zedoary, black Indian atees, dry ginger, aniseed, rock salt, black salt, asafetida and small pepper together. Mix jiggery (gur) in this powder and make tablets equal to 240 milligrams of this preparation. Take one tablet with warm water twice a day. A person gets rid of indigestion. It also enhances digestive power.
10. Ascites : Take 10 to 20 ml juice of long zedoary’s leaves twice a day. Its use provides relief.
11. Tumour : Grind the leaves of long zedoary and apply it on the tumors. Its use gets rid of tumor.
12. Boil : Grind the leaves of long zedoary and make a bandage of this paste. Tie this bandage on the boil or tumour. Its use gets rid of tumour.
13. Hoarseness : Suck 1 gram long zedoary to get rid of hoarseness. Its use makes the voice clear.