Lolium temulentum



Lolium Temulentum should be used to cure pain of the brain; sciatica; paralysis, etc., resulting disease gets well. This drug can be also used to recover dejection and restlessness.

Use of Lolium Temulentum in various symptoms

Head-related symptoms:

In this case, the patient becomes discouraged (dejected) and gets nervous soon while doing any work; feeling giddy and the same time the eyes become close and head feels heavy; hears strange voices, etc. thus Lolium Temulentum should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Stomach-related symptoms:  

If a person feels stomachache and the stomach is shrunken inward; nauseate with vomiting; violent diarrhea etc., using Lolium Temulentum is very effective to cure his symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

In this case, the patient is suffering from stumbling while walking; shivering and weakness in all the parts of body; sever pain in the calves and seems as if they tied with a rope; some parts of the body become cold; arms and legs motions are disrupted. Patient’s hands are shaking, because of which he is unable to write properly, he is not able to hold even a glass of water properly. In many parts of the body, symptoms like paralysis are found. If a person has any symptoms of this type, using Lolium Temulentum is appropriate.

 Lolium Temulentum can be compared with drugs like- Sikel, Lathyrus and Astrago etc.

Quantity (dose):-
 6th potency of Lolium Temulentum should be used to cure symptoms of diseases.