Lobelia purpurascens




Lobelia Purpurascens is used for the treatment of severe insanity of all the vital functions and the nervous systems, paralysis effects of the respiratory systems, neuralgic insanity caused by influenza, apoplexy, white coats of the tongue, etc.

Use of Lobelia Purpurascens in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms: It should be used when the patient is feels more confusion and lack of enthusiasm, dizziness with headache, nauseate, pain in the section between the eyebrows, unable to keep open the eyes, closing his eyes by itself, etc.

Symptoms associated with the chest: If the patient is suffering from pain while breathing, symptoms like paralysis in the heart and lungs, slow breathing, fast heart beats, etc., Lobelia Purpurascens should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Symptoms associated with the eyes: In symptoms like- feeling unable to keep the eyes open, sleeplessness, etc., using Lobelia Purpurascens is very beneficial.


When a person has suffered from weakness in many organs of his body, suffocation while breathing, swelling in the upper layer of the lungs, pain like pricking needle in the chest while taking deep breath, pain in the left lung, pricking haltingly in day etc., drugs like- Baptisia, Lobelia, Cardinallis, etc. are used, but Lobelia Purpurascens can be also used for the same purposes. Thus, some properties of these drugs can be compared with Lobelia Purpurascens.

Quantity (dose): 3rd potency of Lobelia Purpurascens should be used to cure symptoms of diseases.