Liver abscess



         In the case of liver abscess, contraction originates in the liver first and then ulcer takes birth. When this liver abscess becomes suppurated, the disease becomes fatal. Mostly, patients of this disease die after operation. Excessive quantity of wine, cigarette and tobacco are considered the main causes of the origin of this disease. Mostly, the person, who uses intoxicant substances, likes heavy food with wine as meat, pakode and oily and spicy foodstuffs.

     These types of substances (which are used with wine) are poisonous for the body. The person becomes the victim of constipation by it and gas starts to originate in the body after decaying. This gas reaches into the liver after rising and disorders originate in it. Contraction comes in the liver due to this polluted gas and then wounds start to on originate in it slowly. The blood, which comes out from the wound of liver, becomes poisonous. Thus, the body becomes weak and diseased.

Treatment of disease by water therapy-

        In case of liver abscess, the patient should not eat heavy foodstuff, oily foodstuff and such types of foodstuffs, which create constipation and inflammation. The patient should give up wine, cigarette etc. After that, he should start treatment for breaking the constipation first. Thereafter, treatment of the disease should be started by adopted different activities.

        The patient of this disease should take hipbath, sitz bath and complete bath regularly. Sometimes, he should take steam bath to exclude the polluted elements from the body. Besides it, he should put the bandage of cold water or poultice of wet soil on the liver in this disease because it is also beneficial.


        The patient should keep fast or half fast according to the need in this disease and he also should take light food after curing disease.