Lips disease



There are two lips. Upper lip is called aushth and lower lip is called adhar in Hindi language. Both are called lips. Diseases of the lips occur because of the blow of vata, pitta, kahpa, tirdosha, blood, flesh and eyes diseases.


If diseases of lips take place because of vata disorder, the color of the victim becomes black and he feels pricking pain in them. The lips become pale and pimples appear around the lips along with pain and inflammation if the cause of this disease is pitta disorder. The lips become cold, smooth and heavy along with itching if the cause is related to kaphaz. The victim suffers from light pain and body skin color pimples too. All the above symptoms appear in the body if the cause is tirdoshaz. The lips look red like ripe dates along with pimples if the cause is raktaz. In this case, blood flows from the lips too.

Lips turn into thick and bulgy tumor of flesh in the disease caused by flesh related disorders. The patient suffers from swelling in the jaws and gums. If lips diseases occur because of eye diseases, the lips become like ghee and rice water along with itching. A kind of pus comes out pure like crystal and the wound is soft and does not heal up easily. Either one or both lips get rip or split because of blow. Tumors occur along with itching and pain.

Use different drugs in lips cancer:-

  • Lycopodium 3 should be used at an interval of every 4-4 hours.
  • Sepia 30 is used at an interval of every 8-8 hours everyday in the case of lips cancer.
  • Using Clematis eracta 3 or 30 or its mother tincture is beneficial in the case of lips cancer.
  • Taking Arsenic-album 3 at an interval of every 4-4 hours daily is beneficial.  Taking any drug among these drugs is very useful in the case of lips cancer.

Tumors of the lips:-

  • Using Conium 30 in the condition of tough tumor and Staphysagria 30 in the condition of soft tumors is very effective. Addition to these drugs, Arsenic album or Carbo veg can be used according to physical strength.
  • If above drugs make no impression in the case of tough tumors of the lips, Sulphur, Phosphorus or Silicea can be used.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Hepar-sulphur-


    If the upper lip has swollen by any reason, using Hepar-sulph is very effective.
    2.     Natrum-mur-


      If the middle part of the lips has torn or blisters have appeared on the lips, Natrum-mur should be used.
      3.     Arsenic-album-


        If pain starts around the red part of the lips and the skin of that place is uncovering, for the treatment of it, use Arsenic-album.