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Mostly, linseed plant is cultivated in Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Its plant is about 2 to 4 feet high and leaves are 1 to 3 inches long with lines. Its flowers are light blue in sprouts.Introduction:

          Mostly, linseed plant is cultivated in Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Its plant is about 2 to 4 feet high and leaves are 1 to 3 inches long with lines. Its flowers are light blue in sprouts. Its fruits are in shape of pitcher, which have ten seeds. The seeds are shiny, in egg shape and flat. Its oil is prepared from its seeds. Linseed root is white, 4 to 10 inches long and thick like pencil.

Name in different languages:

English             -        Linseed

Hindi                -        Alsi, Teesi

Sanskrit           -        Atsee, Neel Pushpi, Kshuma, Uma, Pichchhla, Atsee

Marathi            -        Zwasu

Gujarati            -        Alshee, alsi

Bengali            -        Marshina

Telugu              -        Bittu, Alsi, Atsi

Arabic              -        Kattan

Parsian            -        Tukhme Kattan, Jagira

Latin                -        Linum Usitatissimum

Color: Linseed is red.

Taste: It is vapid in taste.

Property: It is cool in nature.


          Linseed is a crop, which cultivated in fields. Its flowers are blue and fruits are green in color.


          Linseed is sweet, bitter and pungent in taste, heavy in digestible, smooth and hot in nature, and eliminates gas. It increases phlegm (Kapha) and bile (Pitta), and cures eyes diseases and and wounds swelling. It is useful to end sperm disorders. Linseed oil is sweet and bitter in taste, hot and smooth in nature and eliminates gas. It is useful to cure cough and brings out phlegm. It is spicy in paak.


          Using over qsuantity of linseed is harmful for the eyes, testicles and digestive system. Linseed is known by the name of ‘ (shukranashak)’ too.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Sperm count: Mix equal quantity of linseed powder and sugar-candy together and thereafter take with milk twice a day for some weeks regularly, it increases sperm count.

2. Sleeplessness: Shuffle equal quantity of linseed and oil of castor seeds together in a bronze plate properly thereafter apply it in the eyes as a collyrium, it provides good sleep. 

3. Cough with phlegm: Mix toasted linseed with honey and give it to the patient to lick, it cures cough with phlegm.

4. Mouth blisters: The blisters are cured by applying linseed oil on the blisters for 2-3 days regularly.

5. Ulcer and pimples:

  • Grind seeds of linseed with ¼ grams mustard oil to prepare a paste. After that, coat this paste on the affected 2-3 times to cure the ulcer or burst the ulcer after maturing.
  • Grind linseed with water and mix some powder of parched barley (sattu) and bitter curd. After that, apply prepared mixture on the ulcer to recover soon.
  • If someone suffers from pain and inflammation in gassiness ulcer, boil toasted sesame and toasted linseed with cow milk. Grind this mixture with this milk and coat it on the affected part, it provides relief in ulcer.
  • If you want to bring out pus from the ulcer after maturing, mix 2 pinches turmeric powder with poultice of linseed and tie it on the ulcer. It brings out pus from the ulcer after maturing.

6. Constipation:

  • The patient should swallow 1 to 2 spoons seeds of linseed with fresh water at bed time because it ends the intestinal dryness and clears the stool. The patient can take one spoon linseed oil at bed time to get same benefit.
  • Eat cooked vegetable of linseed leaves to eliminate stomach gas.

7. Burn from fire:

  • Shuffle linseed oil with churned water of lime and apply it on burnt parts, it provides relief in inflammation and pain. Blotches do not occur on the affected part by using this treatiment. It is useful to cure all the types of wounds caused by burn.
  • Shuffle equal quantity of pure linseed oil and churned water of lime together, this mixture turns into white ointment, which is called crone oil in English languages. After that, apply this mixture on the affected part to get relief in pain caused by wound. Using this process 1-2 times cures wounds quickly.

8. Back and waist pain: Heat powder of dry ginger with linseed oil and rub it on affected part, it ends back and waist pain.

9. Ear pain:

  • Cook linseed seeds with onion juice and filter it. After that, drip 2-3 drops of this mixture in the affected ear, it will end pain and swelling.
  • Grind radish leaves and squeeze juice from it. Cook fifty ml this juice with 150 ml sesame oil until it burns juice then filter it with the help of any cloth and fill in a bottle. If the patient feels pain in the ear, drip this oil in ears after making light hot, it provides relief in the ears pain.

10. Tumour and swelling of the ear: Cook linseed with onion juice properly and drip it in the ear. It is useful to end swelling and tumour of the ear.

11. Ear diseases: This disease is cured by dripping linseed oil in the ear.

12. Breast milk: Give 1 spoon seed of linseed to the delivered woman with water to swallow twice a day to increase breast milk.

13. Body weakness: The person should take one spoon linseed seeds with one glass of milk twice a day to end weakness and increase body strength.

14. Anuria-dysuria: Give 1 spoon decoction of linseed seed to the patient thrice a day regularly to cure anuria-dysuria and all the disorders of urination.

15. Sexual power: Grind ten grams black pepper with fifty grams linseed and give one spoon of this mixture to the patient with honey twice a day, it increases sexual power.

16. Headache: Grind seeds of linseed with cold water and coat it on the affected part, it ends headache caused by swelling, brain pain and head wounds too.

17. Eyes inflammation: Drip light paste of linseed seed in the eyes to get relief in redness and inflammation of the eyes.

18. Breathing cough:

  • Soak five linseed seeds in 50 ml water and give it to the patient to drink after 12 hours. If seeds are soaked in the morning, take it in the evening and if seeds are soaked in the evening, take it in the morning. This mixture is very useful to increase strength of the patient of breathing problems. The patient should keep care that what should food stuff be taken and what should not?
  • Boil five grams cut seeds of linseed with water thereafter mix twenty grams sugar-candy in it. After that, take this mixture in the morning regularly to get relief in breathing cough. Honey should be used instead of sugar candy in the winter season.
  • Boil three grams ground linseed seeds with 250 ml water and store it for one hour after closing. Filter this mixture and mix some loaf-sugar in this preparation. After that, give this mixture to the patient to make dried cough loose. It also ends breathing problems and helps in urination clearly.
  • Soak twenty five grams ground linseed seeds in cold water at overnight. In the next morning, filter this mixture and mix it with lemon juice after making light hot. After that, give this mixture to the patient to get relief in tuberculosis.
  • One should lick toasted linseed seeds with honey to cure cough.
  • Toast clean linseed on grid until toasts properly. When it provides smell, mix it with equal quantity of sugar-candy. After that, take 5 grams this mixture with lukewarm water twice a day to cure catarrh and cough.

19. The disorders caused by vatta and kapha: Shuffle 50 grams toasted linseed powder (toast it on grid), ten grams chilly powder and honey together and thereafter prepare tablets equal of 3-6 grams from it. After that, give tablet of 3 gram to the children and 6 gram to the elder in the morning to get relief in disorders caused by vatta and kapha. Water should not be drunk for one hour during this treatment.

20. Spleen swelling: This disease is cured by taking about three grams toasted linseed with honey.

21. Gonorrhoea:

  • Grind thick fifty grams linseed with three grams liquorices and cook it with 375 ml water in a soil pot until it remains fifty ml water then put it down. Filter this mixture and mix two grams nitre in this mixture. After that, give 20 grams this medicine to the patient after every two hours to get relief in anuria-dysuria. This medicine can be taken for 10-15 days regularly.
  • Drip 4-6 drops of linseed oil in the vagina to get relief in gonorrhoea.
  • Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of linseed and liquorices together. Boil 40-50 grams this powder with one liter water in a soil pot and close it for an hour. Filter this preparation and mix 25 to 30 grams saltpetre in this it and fill in a bottle. After that, take 25 to 30 milliliters this mixture after every three hours to get relief in anuria-dysuria, retention of urine, hematuria, blowing pus and grumbling sound etc. problems within in 24 hours.
  • Boil ten grams crushed linseed seed and six grams crushed liquorices with one liter water until it remains 1/8 parts then put it down. After that, take 25 ml this decoction with 10 grams sugar-candy after every three hours to cure anuria-dysuria. It helps in urination clearly.

22. Poultice: Linseed poultice is the best than all the types of poultices. Put forty grams ground linseed in 100 ml water while boiling and mix both together slowly. This poultice should not be thick. Oil should be coated on down part of poultice thereafter use it. It is useful to end swelling and pain.

23. Rheumatism Pain (Joints pain):

  • Grind linseed seeds with Spogal seeds and apply it on the affected parts. It provides relief in joints pain.
  • Apply a poultice of linseed oil on the swelling parts to get relief.

24. Waist pain: Mix linseed warm oil with powder of dry ginger thereafter rub it on the waist, it ends waist pain.

25. Sperm count: Take linseed with black pepper and honey to make sperm thick and increase sexual power.

26. Unsplit tumours: Mix linseed powder with milk and water. Mix some turmeric powder in this mixture and cook it. Coat this warm paste on the tumours and wounds and after that tie betel leaf on it. Tumours burst after maturing by using it. It ends inflammation, pricking and pain. This medicine can be used to cure big wounds or ulcers, which occur in internal body but, this poultice should be tied for many days to cure internal ulcer.

27. Asthma or Breathing problems:

  • Make the powder by grinding five grams toasted linseed and ten grams black pepper together and give it to the patient with honey twice a day, it provides relief in breathing problems.
  • Grind three grams toasted linseed and nine grams black pepper together then add two spoons honey in it. Asthma is cured by licking this mixture twice a day.
  • Grind linseed and Spogal Seeds twenty grams each together after add forty grams honey in it. Asthma is cured by taking ten grams mixture.

28. Lungs swelling: The patient should foment the lungs with linseed poultice because it provides relief in pain and swelling of the lungs.

29. Chest pain: Grind linseed and Impad together then add double quantity of honey in it to prepare a paste or sauce. Ten grams this sauce should be licked regularly in the condition of chest pain.

30. Baldness (Alopecia): Burn leaves of banyan tree with linseed oil thereafter grind it. Filter this mixture and rub it on the head twice a day regularly, it grows new hair.

31. Liver enlargement: Tying linseed poultice on the affected part is useful to end pain caused by liver enlargement.

32. Urticaria: Cast camphor in linseed oil and fill it in a bottle. After that, rub this mixture on the affected part to get relief in this disease.

33. Tumours: Mix linseed powder with water or milk thereafter mix some ground turmeric in it. Cook this mixture on fire until it turns into dark then put it down. One should apply this preparation (after becoming light hot) on the tumour and tie betel-leaf with cloth on it. It provides relief in this disease.

34. Heart weakness:

  • Make a decoction by boiling linseed leaves and dried coriander with water and give it to the patient because it ends heart weakness.
  • Heart weakness ends by taking ground dried fruits of linseed with honey.
  • Dry linseed flowers under the shadow and prepare the powder from it after grinding. After that, give one spoon this powder to the patient with honey thrice a day for some days regularly to make the heart strong.

35. Sinus (Chronic wound): Burn hair of horse tail and mix it with linseed oil. Sinus (chronic wound) is cured by applying it on the affected part.

36. Tonsil: Grind fifty grams linseed seeds with 500 ml water then add one spoon of ghee in this mixture and prepare a poultice from it. Make warm to this poultice and tie it on the throat, it ends throat pain, tonsil, swelling and hoarseness etc. diseases. This poultice should be tied on the throat for 5-7 days according to need.

37. Cracked hands and feet: Mix five grams pure wax and 2.50 grams camphor with fifty ml tempered linseed oil. This disease is cured by applying this mixture on the hand and feet.

38. Children disease: If a paste of linseed is coated on child chest, they save from cold.

39. Scrofula: Grind linseed, mustard, sun seeds, makoya five grams each with some water then heat it. Scrofula is cured by applying it on the affected part.