Lindenbergia Urticaeflia



Name in Different Languages:

Hindi          :       Dhol                         

Marathi      :       Dhonl, Dhouk, Gajdhar

Gujarati      :       Patharchatee, Bheet Chatti, Jhhamar Bael

Bengali      :       Gazdaar, Shaldevsant

Latin           :       Lindenbegia Urticaefila


     It is simple pungent and fragrant. It ends phlegm, cough, skin diseases and poison effects. Its leave’s juice is useful to cure chronic cough and bronchitis. Mix its juice with green coriander juice and rubbing the affected parts with this mixture cures pimples, ringworm, itching and other skin diseases or applying its ground seeds provides relief too. Boil its leaves with water resulting steam comes out from water. Give its steam (Bafara) to the patient body, it cures fever. Applying its leave’s juice on the insects bite is useful to end poison effects.