Limulus is used to cure the patient who is suffering from mental tiredness, malfunctioning of the digestive systems and pain in the right side of his body. He starts feeling sleepy while bathing in the sea.

Use of Limulus in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:  

Limulus should be used in the cases like- over mental fatigue, difficulty in remembering the names of any person or object, hotness on the face, high blood circulation towards the face, aggravating the symptoms when the patient does any work carefully, pain in the rear of the left eye cavity, etc.

Nasal symptoms:

In the conditions like- cold and catarrh, watery fluid goes on coming out from the nose, sneezes, aggravating troubles after drinking water, dripping water from the nose, feeling pressure above the nose and in the rear section of the eyes etc., using Limulus is very effective to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Stomach-related symptoms:

If the patient is suffering from pain and burning sensation in the stomach, watery stools, cramps with pain in the stomach, hot and contracted stomach, contraction in the anus, etc., Limulus should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Symptoms associated with respiration:

In symptoms like- hoarseness, difficulty in breathing after drinking water, suffocation in the chest, etc., using Limulus is very beneficial to cure them.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

 Limulus should be used when the patient is suffering from neuralgic pain in his buttocks, pain in the soles, insensitiveness occasionally in the soles, pain in the joints of right hip, pain in the heel, etc.

Symptoms related to skin diseases:

Limulus should be used to cure scratching marks and spots on the face and hands, burning sensation in the palms, etc.

 Some properties of drugs like- Asterious, Cuprum and Homarus can be compared with Limulus.

Quantity (dose):

Limulus should be used as 6th potency to cure symptoms of diseases.