From the uterus, the outer membrane of it, and from its mouth, secretion of various color comes out like- white, yellow, blue, as milk, washed water of meat, thick and as black appearance. It is called ‘Leucorrhea’. Normal leucorrhea is white in color. In young girls, this disease occurs also due to scrofula. If this disease is not treated on time, secretion like pus starts on coming from the uterus in large volume that causes wounds on the uterus mouth and inside it.


In this disease, constipation occurs; headache persists; the stomach is inflated; digestive function is affected; the face is faded.


It often occurs due to exposing to cold, improper cleanliness, taking much spicy food, sickness, involving much in sexual intercourse, profuse bleeding, available any stimulant in the uterus, abortion again and again, etc. Mostly, it has occurred in scrofula patient and in women who has much mucus.  

Use of different drugs in leucorrhea:-

1. Calce-carb- In symptoms like- coming white leucorrhea like milk, pain, itching, burning sensation in the uterus, etc., taking Calce-carb 30 or 200 is beneficial.

2. Pulsatilla- This drug is known to be very useful in all the types of leucorrhea. White thick secretion comes that becomes fast after menstrual flow, sometime pain also takes place during such secretion and sometime there is no any type of pain is found, etc., Pulsatilla 6 can be used.

3. Sepia- If a woman feels pain during leucorrhea as in the case of delivery and suffering from constipation, scanty secretion of leucorrhea, comes watery, offensive with yellow or green appearance, etc., giving Sepia 6 or 200 is very useful in such symptoms.

4. Acid-Nitric- If this disease occurs due to any chronic disease or by taking additional drugs having mercury in them, taking Acid-Nitric is very effective. In the initial stage of leucorrhea, if offensive secretion like washed water of meat comes for 5-6 days, 6 potency of this drug can be used.

5. Creosote- If offensive secretion as blue or yellow appearance comes in between two menses or after 4-5 days of menstrual flow that lefts yellow spots on clothes; swelling comes in the outer area of the uterus; she feels as fast burning and itching as if an insect has cut; leucorrhea is as sharp as it burns skin where it is touched; pain start on taking place in the back of that woman, etc., Creosote 6 is very effective in such symptoms.

6. Bovista- If secretion comes as white part of an egg; secretion comes before and after a day of coming menstruation; secretion of leucorrhea comes in yellow or green appearance that causes burning sensation and wounds; secretion as yellow as if it touched with clothes, lefts yellow spots; sexual excitement of the victim becomes too fast; secretion keeps on coming while waling, etc., taking Bovista 12 is very useful in such symptoms.

7. Borax- If secretion (leucorrhea) comes as bleeding; coming with abnormal burning; she feels as if hot water is passing out through her femoral area; having sterility with leucorrhea; coming in between two menses, etc., Borax 6 should be used in such symptoms.

8. Graphitis- If leucorrhea comes in white color, as watery, in the morning; secretion comes in large volume at the time of getting up from bed in the morning; feels burning sensation while urination; feels much weakness in the back; leucorrhea comes in motion before or after menses or in day or night, etc., taking Graphitis 20 or 200 is beneficial in such symptoms.

9. Alumina- If leucorrhea causes burning sensation and wounds in the body; she gets some relief by washing it with cold water; clean leucorrhea comes in day, but in large volume; if well chosen drugs make no impression, Alumina 30 can be used.

10. Sulphur- If a woman has been suffering from chronic leucorrhea, giving Sulphur as 1-2 dosages provides relief.


Use of different drugs according to the symptoms of leucorrhea:-

  • In the condition of coming white or green color leucorrhea, drugs like- Merc-so, Sepia, Calce-carb, China or Natrum-Mur, etc. should be given.
  • In the case of leucorrhea due to worms, Siena 2x or 200 should be given.
  • In the condition of coming thin leucorrhea like water, Sabina, Ferrum or Puls should be taken.
  • In the case of leucorrhea that causes burning sensation and comes in motion, Acid-Nitric, Pulsatilla, Kreosote or Arsenic, etc. should be used.
  • In the case of coming too warm leucorrhea, Graphitis 3x or Hydrastis 3x is very useful.
  • If white leucorrhea like milk comes, drugs like- Silica, Calcarea-carb, Pulsatilla, Lycopodium or Ferrum, etc. can be taken.
  • In the case of coming blood with leucorrhea, Creosote, Lycopodium or China should be taken.
  • If leucorrhea comes is green appearance, drugs like- Carbo-veg, Sulphur, Merc or Creosote, etc. should be given.
  • In case of coming yellow leucorrhea, Kalli-bi can be used.
  • In case of coming offensive leucorrhea, drugs like- Carbo-veg, Kalli-carb, Sepia or Puls, etc. can be used.
  • If thick leucorrhea comes, using Ambagricia 3 or Causticum 30 is beneficial.
  • If leucorrhea comes only in day, Alumina can be taken.
  • If it comes just after getting up in the morning, Carbo-veg should be given.

Important tips:-

  • A leucorrhea patient should take bath daily.
  • A suffered woman should wash her genitals minimum 3 times a day.
  • She should take cold air as much as possible.
  • During leucorrhea, she should not involve in sexual intercourse with her husband. She should not watch sensual serials, films and should not read sexy books, etc.
  • Nutritive, light and easily digestible food should be taken.