Lepis albus




Lepis albus generates burning sensation in the upper and lower parts of the stomach and this burning sensation is moved to the upper membrane of the uterus and breasts. This drug is very useful to cure the patient suffering from goiter, but those patients who have suffered from malaria, do not get any benefit by this drug. The impact of this drug is harmful to those patients.

If a woman suffers from uterus cancer with big abscess, well chosen drugs make no impression, bleeding from the uterus again and again (frequently), the blood flows so fast as if the patient will die, the boils kept surrounded the whole uterus, blood becomes black due to flowing of blood for several months, it also gives smell, uterus feels grainy (dry) by touching it, feels burning sensation also, etc., use of Lepis albus is beneficial in the condition of such symptoms resulting uterus cancer is cured.

Quantity (dose): -

3rd potency of Lepis albus should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases.