Leopards Roylei


Name in Different Languages:

Hindi          :        Darunaz, Arakbi, Plegnashak Zadi

Sanskrit      :        Warshika

English       :         Leopards roylei, D. Hookeri bane

Latin           :        Doronicum

Qualities :

       Leopards roylei is pungent and hot, dry in nature, nutritive and excitable. It eliminates stomach gas trouble, and cures plague. It increases memory power and keeps uterus and womb safe. It also ends stomach Vaata disorders, pain and poison effects. It is useful in cough, lungs diseases, head and chest pain, chest burning sensation, stomachache, flatulence, plague-glands, liver and stomach weakness and other diseases. It is also useful to cure paralysis caused by Vaata and Kapha, lunacy caused by gas epilepsy. Heart weakness, dullness and all the types of heart disorder can be cured by taking it.