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Lentil pulse is hot in nature, light and dry in eating. Lentil’s leaves vegetable is bitter and digestible easily.Introduction:

      Lentil pulse is counted in two kinds of pulses. Its qualities are equal like kidney-bean’s qualities. So, lentil is used also instead of kidney-bean pulse. It is also known as the name of ‘Kesari’. Lentil has the quantity of sulphur. The peels of lentil have much quantity of useless fiber element except to black element. But, its pulse is very useful after removing peels.

Color: Sabut pea’s seeds are black in out side. But, its pulse’s color is bright red.

Taste: It is sweet.

Character: It is a crop of pulse. There are two kinds of it as first is white and second is red.

Nature: It is hot in nature, light and dry in eating. Lentil’s leaves vegetable is bitter and digestible easily.


     Lentil removes gas disorders, diarrhea and constipation. It increases blood and makes blood thick. It is heavy digestible. Eating lentil’s pulse provides relief in loose-motions, diabetes mellitus, leucorrhoea and constipation. Fry the pulse of lentil with ghee, eating it enhances eyes sight. Eating Churma and Malida of its flour provides relief in leucorrhoea and prevents bleeding. Its qualities are like kidney-bean’s qualities. We can use it instead of kidney-bean.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Stomach Disease: Eating lentil’s pulse keeps digestive process fit and cures all the diseases of stomach.

2. Ulcer: Tying packet of lentil’s flour on ulcer provides benefit.

3. Bloody Piles: One should eat lentil’s pulse in breakfast and after that drink one glass of sour whey. It is very useful to cure bloody piles.

4. Tooth-powder: Brushing with lentil pulse’s ash is also useful.

5. Pimples and Acnes: Immerse lentil’s pulse in water until it dries whole water, now grind it and mix with milk then apply on the face twice a day, it provides benefit.

6. To get teeth shining: Grind burnt lentil’s pulse and prepare the fine tooth powder. Brushing with this powder twice a day regularly makes teeth clean and strong.

7. Tongue Swelling and Burning Sensation: Burn lentil’s pulse and grind with white catechu in equal quantity and apply it on the tongue. It ends swelling and burning sensation.

8. Constipation: Eating pulse of lentil is useful to eliminate constipation.

9. Mouth Blisters: Grind equal quantity of lentil ash with catechu and apply it on mouth blister and wounds, it provides benefit.

10. Motions: Eating lentil and rice sets motion.

11. Amoebic Dysentery: Boil lentil’s pulse and beel water and take this preparation for relief.

12. Wound: Grind lentil and apply on chronic wounds, it provides relief.

13. Leucorrhoea:

  • Eating lentil pulse gives relief in leucorrhoea.
  • Eat churma or malida of lentil’s flour; it provides relief in leucorrhoea.

14. Stomach Worms: Eating lentil’s pulse kills stomach worms.

15. Breast engorgement: Grind lentil, seeds of prickly lettuce (Vanya kahoo) and cumin seeds with vinegar and applying this preparation on the breast decreases breast milk. Keep attention: The mothers whose baby can not drink milk they should take it. It may be harmful for delivered women.

16. Face Acnes:

  • Immerse 3-3 spoons soya-bean and lentil’s pulse in water at night. Grind it and mix with raw milk in the next morning. After that, apply it on the face, it improves face color.
  • Immerse lentil’s pulse in water at night and grind it fine in the next morning. Now, mix this preparation with one small spoon of curd and apply on the face. After drying, wash the face with lukewarm water.
  • Washed lentil’s pulse is very useful to clean dirt of skin hairs. Immerse a little lentil’s pulse, dried flower’s leaves of rose and one pinch powder of sandal with milk. Grind it in the next morning and apply on the face with fingers, scratch it after drying. After that, sit under sunlight for one hour and wash the face with lukewarm water. It provides coolness to skin.
  • Fry lentil’s pulse with ghee then grind. Mix this mixture with one spoon pulse and two spoons milk then apply on the face twice a day consequently, the face becomes beautiful and soft.

17. Face Blackness: Grind lentil’s pulse fine and mix with milk and apply it on the face, it ends face blackness.

18. Physical Beauty: Immerse lentil’s pulse in lemon juice. And then, grind it and apply on the face at bed time. Wash the face in the next morning, it make the face beautiful.