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 lemon is the process to make a kalam of lemon tree. Its trees are grown in the gardens and forests.Introduction:

There are many kinds of lemon like- Lemon, Orange (Narangi), Chakore, Orange (Santra), Orange (Mosambi), Bijoura and Jungle lemon. Lemon trees are 3 to 4 meters high. Its trees are grown by its seeds and kalam. Apply soil on a branch of its tree and cut this branch viz twig when root grows on this branch. It is the process to make a kalam of lemon tree. Its trees are grown in the gardens and forests. The leaves of all the types of lemon trees are in egg shaped and small and big according to its kinds. Its flowers are white and have fragrance. Raw lemon is green and ripe lemon is yellow. A 3-4 years’ tree of lemon starts to produce fruits. Lemon is widely used. Lemon juice contains many chemical elements. It enhances digestion power and also increases appetite. Taking lemon with meals digests food easily. So, people take lemon’s pickle or its juice mixed salad while having meal. Take lemon with the meals to increase taste.

Name in different languages:

English         -     Lemon

Hindi            -     Kagaji Nimbu

Sanskrit       -     Nimbuk

Bengali        -     Patilabu

Gujrati          -     Limbu

Marathi        -     Nimboni

Kannada      -     Nimbea, Libuhannu

Tamil            -     Ailumichhe

Telugu          -     Nimpandu

Malayalam   -     Cheran natank

Persian       -     Limunetush

Arabic         -     Limuneha Bhij

Latin            -     Lemon, Acidam 

Useful in different diseases:    

1. Indigestion: Take lemon with ginger and rock salt before the meals regularly. Its use breaks to the constipation and increases digestion power. It eliminates the phlegm and gas out. It is good remedy for constipation and rheumatism.

2. Cholera: Take the juice of 2 lemons with food or salt daily. Its use remains far a person from cholera. It is also useful during cholera.

3. Indigestion: Mix salt in lemon and put it into a soil pot then close its mouth and dry it in the sunshine properly. Eat 1-2 pieces of this lemon regularly. Its use breaks constipation and enhances digestion power. Take it with the meals. Its use increases taste.

4. Eye ache:

  • Grind opium and purging nut with lemon juice on an iron grid to prepare a paste. Apply this paste in the eyes. Its use provides relief in painful eye.
  • Grind purging nut and loh kit together. Spray this mixture on lemon and put it in yellow cloth with the powder of turmeric. Tie this cloth on the eyes. Its use provides relief in painful eyes as well as other eye diseases.

5. Vomiting: Cut lemon from the middle and fill a little sugar-candy in it. Vomiting stops by sucking this lemon.

6. Stomachache: Mix a little sugar in the juice of 1 lemon and drink.  Its use gets rid of stomachache.

7. Urticaria: Take salt mixed lemon juice to check bile.

8. Stomach worms: Drink lemon juice twice a day. Its use gets rid of stomach worms.

9. Over thirst: Mix 2 pinches sugar in the juice of one lemon and take, it quenches over thirst.

10. Joints’ pain and cough: Take 3 grams sugar with 5 grams lemon juice. Its use gets rid of joints’ pain and gets rid of cough.

11. Urticaria: Drink lemon syrup to check bile disorders. Its use normalizes the quantity of bile.

12. Hiccup: Burn dry lemon and mix honey in its ash. Lick this mixture to get rid of hiccup and vomiting.

13. Constipation and anorexia: Mix 6 ml lemon juice in 50 ml water and 10 grams sugar to prepare syrup. Drink this syrup before sleeping at night regularly for 5 to 7 days. Its use sets the motions and increases appetite as well.

14. Itching: Mix 6 ml lemon juice in 10 ml coconut oil. Rub this mixture on the body and take bath with warm water. Its use gets rid of skin itching.

15. Retention of urine: Grind the seeds of lemon, fill into the navel, and then drip whey or water in the form of stream on the navel. Its use passes the urine out easily. This process is followed when a child (under 10) has been suffering from this disease.

17. Liver problem: Cut a ripe lemon from middle and divide it into 2 parts then throws out its seeds from it, and make 4 pieces from half lemon. These pieces should not be quite separate. Fill the powder of black pepper in 1 part and black salt or rock salt in second part, powder of dry ginger in third part and sugar-candy powder in the fourth part. Put these pieces in a plate and cover it at night. Heat these pieces slightly and suck them before one hour of having meal. This process should be followed for 7 to 21 days or according to need. Its use gets rid of liver problems and normalizes the taste of the mouth. It breaks obstinate constipation and increases appetite. Headache disappears by its use. Thus, it provides relief if a person has been suffering from chronic malaria, fever, side effects of mercury, addiction of wine, excessive use of sweet and arrival of enzymes of amoebic dysentery in the liver.