If a person feels fast tickling cough with pain in the heart, Laurocerasus should be used to cure it, resulting disease gets well.  Mostly this drug is used to cure diseases related to the chest and heart. This drug is also used in the condition of any type of cramping and stomachache.

We should use Laurocerasus drug to cure the patient when his skin has turned blue with weakness in his body. It is also used to cure heart-related diseases.

Use of Laurocerasus in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to fever:

If the patient feels too cold with increasing his body temperature and excessive thirst, dry mouth at noon, etc., Laurocerasus should be taken to cure his symptoms.

Respiratory symptoms:

Laurocerasus should be used to cure the symptoms of the patient like- difficulty in breathing that is aggravated by sitting, pain by keeping the hand on his heart (chest), cough with heart-related disease, pain around the heart during taking exercise, dry cough with tickle feeling, breathing troubles, pain around the heart, chest contraction, fast cough with bloody phlegm, weak pulse rate, symptoms like paralysis in the lungs, etc.

Heart-related symptoms:

Using Laurocerasus is beneficial to cure a person who feels pain around his heart with breathing problems.

Symptoms related with unconsciousness:

Using Laurocerasus is very beneficial to cure unconscious with pain in the heart, burning sensation in the lungs, etc.

Cough-related symptoms:

Laurocerasus should be used to cure a person suffering from cough with bloody phlegm and the blood colour is bright red.

Sleep-related symptoms:

Laurocerasus is also beneficial to cure a person feeling much sleepy with snoring too.

Neck-related symptoms:

If the patient feels trouble in swallowing any things, crease in the food pipe (pharynx), roaring sound produces when water passes downward in the intestine, etc., Laurocerasus is beneficial to cure disease of the patient suffering from such symptoms.

Menses-related symptoms:

In the cases like- early menstruation and profuse menstrual flow; watery blood during menses, cold skin, yellow and blue face, unconscious, etc., using Laurocerasus is very beneficial to cure such symptom of the suffered woman.

Symptoms related to young child:

Laurocerasus should be used to cure young children when their body becomes blue or baby turns blue after birth with breathing troubles, etc.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body: -

In this case, nails of the hands and feet becomes nodular, skin becomes blue, spraining pain in the buttocks, thighs and heels, cold sweating from the legs, zigzag fingers and nerves of the hand are swollen, etc. If a person has any symptoms of these types, he should take Laurocerasus.

We can compare some characteristics of drugs like- Hydrocyanicum acid, Camphora, Sikel, Ammonium-carbonicum, Ambara, etc. with Laurocerasus.

 Symptoms of diseases aggravate by sitting, working hard, taking meal in the open air in the evening, etc.


Symptoms of diseases start ameliorating by walking in the open air at night and by lying down.

Quantity (dose): 

 Mother tincture to 3rd potency of Laurocerasus should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases. The water of it can be also used.