Lathyrus drug is used to cure those diseases in which the body starts shivering and paralysis symptoms are found in the body.

Lathyrus drug is also used to cure berry-berry, weakness in any part of a small child's body, influenza and other diseases in which the body becomes too weak, etc.

Use of Lathyrus drug in various symptoms:

Symptoms related to Mood (mind):

If a person feels lack of enthusiasm in his body and he has illusion, when the patient's shut their eyes, his head seems giddy with weakness in the body, etc., Lathyrus should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Mouth-related symptoms:

Lathyrus drug should be used to cure such patient who feels burning sensation on the tip of the tongue with pain, numbness with chunchuni occurs on the tongue and lips and seems as if the tongue has burnt, etc.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:  

In this case, the toes become numb with shivering in them and legs begin to stumbling, excessive stiffness in the legs. When the patient suffering from such symptoms walks, his knees go on colliding each other, leg cramps, feels excess cold, soles become cold,  the legs neither can be spread nor can be putted one over other in sitting posture,  spinal cord has swollen, seems symptoms like paralysis in the joints, the muscles of buttocks and Nimnang become dry, legs become swollen and blue, ankles and knees are itchy and feels stiffness in them, too stretched calf, the patient sits by bending himself towards front, he straights his legs with difficulty. Thus, to cure such symptoms of the patients, we should use Lathyrus.

Symptoms related to urine:

In this case, ability of the function of urinary bladder is increased, he feels urination again and again (frequent urination), when the patient tries to hold urine, his urine is come out by itself. Thus, to cure such symptoms of the patient, we should use Lathyrus.


We can compare some properties of drugs like- Oxitropis, Sikel, Petiveria, Aggrostema Githago, etc. with Lathyrus.

Quantity (dose):

3rd potency of Lathyrus should be used to cure the symptoms of diseases.